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MTV Sessions | James Morrison | This Boy

James Morrison starts off MTV Sessions with 'This Boy'!

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James Morrison starts off MTV Sessions with 'This Boy'!

James Morrison explains what music really means to him.

James Morrison gives a heartfelt performance for 'I Won't Let You Go'.

Listening to his songs on the radio creates a buzz for James Morrison.

The audience gets excited when James Morrison performs 'You Give Me Something'.

James Morrison proudly introduce his entourage!

James Morrison sings to his duet piece 'Up'.

He believes that everything that one is doing, should be from the bottom of the heart.

James Morrison performs 'Person I Should Have Been'.

James Morrison gives an introduction to 'Slave To The Music' before performing the acoustic version of the song.

He looks back and talks about how his idols inspire him.

James Morrison gives an amazing performance for 'Nothing Ever Hurt Like You'.

He talks about his preferences on stage setups and how connecting with the crowd is important to him.

James Morrison sings one of his top hit songs 'Broken Strings'.

He shares two of his life changing moments, his daughter and his father.

With MTV Sessions: James Morrison coming to an end, he closes it with 'Wonderful World'.

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