Teen Mom | Season 2: Finale Special - 'Check-Up With Dr. Drew'

Looking Back

Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Amber reflect on the second season of 'Teen Mom,' before catching up with Dr. Drew.


Farrah, Maci, Catelynn and Amber reflect on the second season of 'Teen Mom,' before catching up with Dr. Drew.

Farrah looks back on her experience as a 'Teen Mom,' and opens up further about her relationship with Sophia's father.

Farrah and mom Debra get into detail about their physical altercation, and explain how therapy has bettered their relationship.

Maci talks with Dr. Drew about her "selfish" move to Nashville, and learning to co-parent.

Maci and Kyle communicate their feelings for one another, and Dr. Drew helps the once-again-couple tackle trust issues in their relationship.

Maci is joined by Bentley's father, Ryan, to discuss what went wrong during their relationship, and how they've since matured.

Dr. Drew asks Catelynn and Tyler about their family's history of lying, and the couple shares their favorite moments with daughter Carly.

Dr. Drew makes Catelynn's mom, April, aware of her abusive tone, before Catelynn and Tyler express their concern about her lack of friends.

Amber has an emotional reaction to a recap of the season, before talking with Dr. Drew about the regrets and stresses of teen motherhood.

Dr. Drew helps Amber and Gary discuss their abusive relationship and plan next steps.

All of the 'Teen Mom's join Dr. Drew on-stage - babies in hand, to ask each other questions.

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