Kara Luiz

Kara Luiz: About

Kara Luiz is a multi-talented actress and producer with experience in improv& sketch comedy, musical theatre, radio, commercials, film, television and the web. Known for her zany characters, such as the Orthodox Jewish Rapper,Miriam (of Miriam and Shoshana), Kara played many memorable characters as a series regular on Disney's ELECTRIC SPOOFALOO. Other credits includeDisney's I <3 VAMPIRES and multiple web series for IKLIPZ.com, Fremantle Media, Turner Networks, Comedy Central and more. As a producer, Kara's work has been featured on G4TV, in Wired Magazine and on multiple video sites and blogs. Currently, Kara can be seen as the host of Break.com's GAME BREAK and as the comedic relief in the upcoming indie film, HAMILL.