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Nana & Craig

SE 1, EP 6

Deanna & Joe

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Kyle & Jade

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Coby & Emmi

SE 1, EP 9

Chelsea & Jim

SE 1, EP 3

James & Amber

SE 1, EP 5

Darren & Leah

SE 1, EP 8

Mike & Ricky

SE 1, EP 7

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Say It In Song: About

“Say It In Song” is MTV’s new music- driven reality series hosted by LMFAO’s Red Foo. The series spotlights music’s unique ability to connect people in an emotional and powerful way. When MTV viewers find it hard to find the right words to say how they really feel or just need some help expressing themselves, host Red Foo encourages them to use a specific song to convey a special message to someone close. Whether they’re asking a long-time crush to prom, telling an unfair boss “I quit”, or trying to win back an ex, there’s always the perfect song to deliver the message.The show has all the excitement and surprise of the hidden camera caper-like “Punk’d” mixed with the drama and emotional story-telling of “Made.” Each episode focuses on 2 stories of people wanting to get a special message across to someone close to them - a girlfriend/boyfriend, parent, roommate, BFF, sibling or boss—or maybe someone they just met. Red Foo and the MTV production team provide help along the way, planning out the best way to deliver the message.When words aren’t enough, the right song can say it all.