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Episode 5

S1, EP 5

Episode 7

S1, EP 7

Episode 9

S1, EP 9

Episode 13

S1, EP 13

Episode 12

S1, EP 12

Episode 8

S1, EP 8

Episode 10

S1, EP 10

Episode 11

S1, EP 11


Usavich is a slapstick animated comedy about Putin and Kirenenko, two rabbits who meet in a Russian prison, and the story of their lives in jail, their thrilling prison break and wild adventures on the run.

To all long awaited Usavich fans, here comes the 4th edition of the Usavich stickers on LINE!

The 4th edition includes 24 unique stickers that animate accordingly to the message. A variety of characters like Putin and Kirenenko will move around to liven up your conversation! [Rated PG]