Just Tattoo Of Us

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Charlotte & Katie, Dan & Rich, Becky & Danny

SE 2, EP 1

Sam & Jude, Gareth & Declan, Connor & Jade

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PJ & Harrison, Imogen & Kyle

SE 2, EP 2

Abi & Scott, Josh & Ricky

SE 1, EP 4

Alicia & Louise, Holly & Kyle

SE 1, EP 6

Charlotte & Bear

SE 1, EP 8

Jess & Denny, Vivienne & Trashley

SE 1, EP 7

Just Tattoo of Us Special

SE 1, EP 9

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Meet Bear


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Just Tattoo Of Us: About

Explosive new tattoo series, where hosts Charlotte & Scotty T put relationships to the test. Couples design surprise tattoos for each other but don't see the new ink until it's already on their skin forever!