Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF | Episode 8

Paris Hilton's BFF Dubai | Ep. 8 | Part 1


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Paris Hilton must choose once and for all who is her BFF from Dubai!

Before choosing her BFF, Paris reviews the most catty moments of the entire ...

Paris has a huge secret up her sleeve that nobody saw coming.

Paris challenges the remaining contestants to make a toast in her honor with ...

Paris Hilton uses her bodyguard to interrogate the girls about the Red Carpet ...

More eliminations this week as contestants discover Paris is no pushover.

Girls are starting to take sides already over who is real and who is fake.

Paris' search for her new BFF in Dubai continues, and this week she sent the ...

Paris arrives in Dubai and introduces the girls to her friend in the middle ...

Skrillex & Diplo, Where Are ü Now (feat. ...

Taylor Swift, Bad Blood,

Run Away With Me


Want To Want Me

Big Bang -- "Bang Bang Bang"

Beautiful Now


Good For You

David Guetta Ft. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack

Cool for the Summer

This Summer's Gonna Hurt

Wiz Khalifa

Jessie J

Zedd Ft. Selena Gomez