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When the original kids grew up and moved on, a whole new generation of gorgeous teens was ready to fill their void and brought the drama during season 3 of Laguna Beach. Cliques clashed, secrets were revealed and hearts were broken. And, once again, it was all set against the picturesque beaches and staggering wealth of Laguna Beach, California.

When the cliques of seasons 1 and 2 went their separate ways, MTV found a new group of Laguna Beachers who were willing to continue exposing the underbelly of their tight-knit community: Tessa, Raquel (aka Rocky), Kyndra, Chase, Kelan, Cameron, Cami, Lexie and Breanna. It was time to get a fresh perspective on what it was like to live in the real Orange County.

From BBQs to birthday parties to band practice, the Laguna Beach bunch of season 3 took us along for the ride of their lives and showed us the real-life drama that unfolded during their junior year of high school. And it all began when rivals Tessa and Kyndra clashed at Kyndra's barbeque.

Tessa and her best friend Rocky went everywhere together, so when Tessa's ex-friend Kyndra inadvertently invited her over, Tessa assumed Rocky was invited too. Big mistake. Kyndra hated Rocky and spent the entire day making fun of the duo with her sidekicks Lexie and Cami, who was dubbed "the queen of mean."

When Tessa and Rocky finally got fed up and left, Kyndra found herself in the hot tub with Cameron. But Cameron was supposedly going out with Jessica, who had her heart broken by Jason during season 2 of Laguna Beach. It looked like Jessica was about to be crushed again.

A self-proclaimed player, Cameron bounced back and forth between Jessica and Kyndra until he decided to drop them both. But not before he threw Tessa into the mix. While on vacation, Tessa and Cameron shared a wild night together, and Tessa was sure it was true love. Then Tessa spotted Cameron canoodling with Jessica at his birthday party, and she high-tailed it out of there in a huff.

Tessa then hoped she could transform her best friend Chase into her boyfriend, but his band, Open Air Stereo, always seemed to come first. Tessa eventually settled on dating a guy from school named Derek, but things didn't really work out and he wound up hooking up with Breanna, kid sister to season 1 alum LC.

Rocky faired better in the game of love when she met Alex, who was a year older. Although they broke up at one point, Rocky and Alex eventually decided they were meant to be together, even though he was going away to college. Before Alex left Laguna he gave Rocky a promise ring and swore he'd be faithful while they were apart.

But poor Tessa never found her true love -- probably because she compared everyone to Chase. When Chase's band got signed and headed to L.A., Tessa feared she was going to lose him forever. But little did Tessa know that that was the least of her problems.

While Tessa was pining over Chase, Rocky and Breanna were rekindling their on-again, off-again friendship, which had been contentious through all of season 3. Breanna apologized to Rocky for all the nasty things she had done and the two girls made amends and decided to start over. The only thing was ... Breanna hated Tessa, so Tessa was afraid Rocky's newfound friendship would cause friction between her and Rocky.

[Rated 18] There was definitely tons of drama in store for the season 3 Laguna Beach gang as they started their senior year in high school. No matter where the new crew winds up, though, you can watch all your favorite Laguna Beach moments over and over again on