Death Valley

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SE 1, EP 1

Two Girls, One Cop

SE 1, EP 4

Help Us Help You

SE 1, EP 2

Blood Vessels

SE 1, EP 3

Zombie Fights

SE 1, EP 5

Hottest Day of the Year

SE 1, EP 6

Undead Hookers

SE 1, EP 8

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Death Valley | Ep. 4 | Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek  Clip

Death Valley | Ep. 3 | Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek  Clip

Are You Satisfied Containing The Problem?


You Know What They Say About Boom Poles


You Know, I Could Go For A Bear Claw Right Now


There's Lots Of Sound Guys


Death Valley: About

MTV's newest scripted series follows the 'Undead Task Force' (UTF), a newly formed division of the LAPD, documentary-style, as they capture the monsters that roam the streets of California's San Fernando Valley.