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Lost in Translation

SE 2, EP 12

Roommate Wanted

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Stage Fight

SE 2, EP 10

One Girl's Trash…

SE 2, EP 9

Work Horses and Show Ponies

SE 2, EP 8

The British Are Coming

SE 2, EP 7

Fashion with a Capital F

SE 2, EP 6

The Belle of Elle

SE 2, EP 5

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Erin's Plan Backfires


Boy Troubles


Fitting In


The City: About

This season on "The City", Whitney, Roxy, Olivia and Erin will learn that in New York City, climbing your way to the top means doing it alongside both friends and enemies.Whitney gets a last-minute chance of a lifetime -- a show at New York Fashion Week. After the chaos and fanfare subsides, Whitney has more than ever to do to prove herself as a designer. First up is creating a new line for the new season, and learning from Kelly Cutrone how to promote herself and her brand. She's still got Roxy in her corner, and Roxy owes her, both for a place to crash and the job at People's Revolution. But Roxy is learning that she's too strong-minded to live in Whitney's shadow.At ELLE Magazine, Olivia and Erin are tasked by Joe Zee to find some way to get along. However, their competition is far from over as Olivia is offered an on-camera job by Joe. But Erin is at the top of her game, and sees through Olivia now more than ever. While climbing the ladder at one of the largest fashion magazines in the world, these two girls are about to discover there's only room for one at the top.New season. New betrayals. New alliances.