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SE 1, EP 11

The First To Go

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Graduation Day

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Grin and Bear It

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The Last Dance

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The Best Part of Breaking Up

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What Happens in Cabo...

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Eighteen Candles

SE 1, EP 4

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Kristin's car is done-zo!


Kristin, what did you do with Zach?


Fashion Show After-Party


Season 1: About

Got drama? Need more? Well, there was certainly plenty of it to go around during season 1 of Laguna Beach!Until recently the California enclave of Laguna Beach was best known for its pristine beaches and multimillion dollar homes. But in 2004, MTV unleashed the first season of Laguna Beach, which featured gorgeous teens leading glamorous lives, and viewers discovered what lay beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect community. It was time to get to know the real Orange County.Laguna Beach's Lauren (aka LC), Lo, Christina, Kristin, Morgan, Trey, Talan and Stephen grew up together, and the tight-knit clique granted MTV an all-access pass inside their lives. What did these rich kids do all day long? Anything they pleased! But their lives weren't perfect, and money didn't buy everything.From spring break to prom to graduation, the Laguna Beach posse took us along for the ride of their lives and showed us the real-life drama that unfolded during their pivotal senior year in high school. And it all started with the "Black and White" party thrown by LC and the gang.The de facto leader of the season 1 Laguna Beach bunch was down-to-earth LC, who harbored a lifelong crush on her surfer friend Stephen. But Stephen was sort of going out with LC's "rival," Kristin. So wherever the three of them went, drama followed.From the very first episode of Laguna Beach, the attraction between LC and Stephen was obvious, and Kristin was not happy about it. During a party at Trey's house, Stephen told Kristin that he was heading home early and then snuck off to LC's house. But Laguna Beach is a small town, and word traveled fast. When confronted by Kristin about his late-night pit stop at LC's house, Stephen blew it off and claimed he was "just friends" with LC. But Stephen and LC had hooked up in the past, and Kristin did not want that to happen again.Kristin often used Stephen's "friendship" with LC as an excuse to fool around with other guys. But Kristin had always had her eye on Talan and a kid named Sam. When the Laguna Beach crew headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, for spring break, everyone's motto seemed to be "what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo." And Kristin took full advantage of everything Mexico had to offer.In Cabo, Stephen realized that he wasn't the only guy in Kristin's life when she tried to make him jealous by macking on Sam right in front of him! The plan worked, but was Kristin just pushing Stephen straight into LC's arms?The next night, the Laguna Beach bunch had dinner together, and Stephen and Kristin spent the night trying to make each other jealous. Kristin made goo-goo eyes at Sam while LC playfully spoon-fed Stephen. LC and Stephen took it up a notch, though, by heading to the hotel and spending the night together. But did they hook up? No one knew for sure because neither one of them was willing to kiss and tell.At the end of season 1, LC and Stephen headed to San Francisco to go to college. Stephen and Kristin decided to have an "open" relationship while he was away. It looked hopeful that LC would finally land her man.Season 2 of Laguna Beach continued to follow the lives of LC, Stephen and Kristin -- but this time around Kristin was the leader of the pack. After spending just one semester in San Francisco, LC was back in Laguna and Stephen occasionally dropped in to stir things up between her and Kristin. When season 2 ended, we followed LC to The Hills of L.A. and a new group of Laguna Beachers reigned in season 3.Season 1 of Laguna Beach may be "dunzo," but that doesn't mean the drama's over. On, you can relive all the beach bonfires, catty name calling and romantic moments.