Chanel: About

Since her debut on Season 1 of Fantasy Factory Chanel West Coast has gone from your everyday skater girl working a 9-5 to becoming a super star on the rise! Since the age of 15 Chanel spent years of working odd jobs and struggling to make a career out of music & acting. What began as a dream is now quickly becoming reality. In 2008 she was introduced to Rob Dyrdek through mutual friends and Rob soon after asked her to join the Dyrdek enterprises family. Following her successful run on Fantasy Factory, Chanel joined Rob on the cast of the most recent MTV hit show Ridiculousness, and she is also the voice of the character "Flipz" on Rob Dyrdeks new animated series 'Wild Grinders' premiering on Nickelodeon TV in April. In addition to her TV career, Chanel's fierce skills on the mic, dynamic performance ability, and infectious personality is now turning heads from the biggest music execs, industry peers, and fans from around the world. She has spent much of the past year recording her debut album which features tracks from some of the music industry's top producers including collaborations with various multiplatinum artists. When not in the studio or filming at the Factory, Chanel is busy performing her music at clubs around the country.