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Season 3: About

It's tee-shirt time! New Jersey's most recognizable housemates are reunited and returning to Seaside, NJ -- where all the fist-pumping magic began and a pop culture phenomenon was born.

This outrageous and hilarious dysfunctional family goes back to work at the tee-shirt shop, kicks back in their original shore house and picks up right where it left off.

Even though they're still experiencing some fallout from "the note" in Miami, nothing can stop the family dinners, G.T.L and gorilla hunting that have bonded them from the beginning.

All seven roomies agree they are glad to be back and that Angelina is gone. Too bad none of them know Snooki has invited her BFF Deena Nicole Cortese to fill the void.

This cast is about to double their pleasure because like her diminutive, fireball bestie Snooki, Deena is going to prove that big fun and big drama continue to come in small packages.

More zany and entertaining than ever, these roommates are going to hit the boardwalk, beat up the beat in the club and continue to prove that while you can summer a lot of places -- the Jersey Shore is truly unforgettable.