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Crash Karaoke: About

[Rated 16+] MTV's Crash Karaoke is a pop-up karaoke game show that bursts in on unassuming locations.

Airs on MTV Asia Mondays from 19 March: 7:50 PM (WIB) 8:50 PM (SG) 9:50 PM (MAL)

Tuesdays: 8:10 AM (WIB) 9:10 AM (SG) 10:10 AM (MAL)
Thursdays: 2:50 PM (WIB) 3:50 PM (SG) 4:50 PM (MAL)
Fridays: 1:40 AM (WIB) 2:40 AM (SG) 3:40 AM (MAL)
Saturdays: 6:10 PM (WIB) 7:10 PM (SG) 8:10 PM (MAL)
Mondays: 2:30 AM (WIB) 3:30 AM (SG) 4:30 AM (MAL)