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The One With The Big Finale

SE 1, EP 8

Welcome to the 90's!

SE 1, EP 1

The One With The Icons

SE 1, EP 7

The One With The Rap Battle

SE 1, EP 6

The One With The Music Videos

SE 1, EP 2

The One With All The Pick-Up Lines

SE 1, EP 3

The One With The Movie Posters

SE 1, EP 4

The One With The Sitcom

SE 1, EP 5

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From 90s tech to 90s music and 90s dating, step back in time


Sneak Peek: Style, Swagger, and Sump'n Sump'n


Sneak Peek: Baby Got Back


Sneak Peek: Rap Battles


Sneak Peek: All That


Sneak Peek: Prince Daycare


90s House: About

Twelve unsuspecting 20-somethings enter the 90's House where hosts Lance Bass and Christina Milian drop a major bomb - they all have to live like it's the 1990's in order to win $90,000. With guest cameos from all areas of 90's pop culture.