Jay Park Brings New Breed Alive

30 April 2012
Making a rather silent and humble entrance at the press conference held at The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore on April 27, 2012, Jay Park sure knew how to redeem himself by addressing the media eloquently and fluently.

Here to promote his first solo album, New Breed, Jay knew exactly what to say about the album. He personally produced the album, which has 15 songs on it, with the title track "Know Your Name."

"I love all the songs on my album. The thing I like about my album the most is there's a lot of variety of music. There's R&B, hip-hop, dance music, acoustic, sad songs, sexy songs, slow songs, fast songs. Even if you listen to the whole album, you don’t get bored," said the singer.

Jay followed up with talking about how the inspiration for the album cover came from a make-up commercial and a man by the name of Rick Genest (also known as Zombie Boy). Rick was made-up completely white and clean, and he then began cleaning off the make-up, unveiling his tattooed self.

"It was very shocking for me to see that. It was like, 'Wow, that’s pretty crazy.' It left a real good impression in my mind so I kind of wanted to do that. But I'm the opposite because I don't have all those tattoos on my face but I wanted to do that to leave an impression and make people wonder what this guy is about, what his music's about."

After which, Jay took on some trivia questions which included how he felt about showing his abs. His policy is "whenever they're ready." Even a star like him feels conscious and hesitant if he knows his abs have not yet been worked out!

He also revealed that he loves to eat, especially chicken. His favourite Singaporean dish is chicken rice while his favourite Korean dish is Kim Chi chicken.

On defining what a "cool" girl is to him, Jay said, "I just like people that are down to earth. I guess I'm pretty down to earth and simple. She doesn't have to cook but it's not a bad thing if she’s able to cook."

With that, Jay sincerely concluded the press conference by sharing his life before and after he produced New Breed.

"I learned so much producing my own album. It's not an easy thing to do, I learned. I grew a lot as an artist, I got better at rapping, better at singing, better at song-making and I kind of know all the elements of what to do and what it takes to produce an album. Next time, I’m sure it'll go smoother and I can put out a better quality album."

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