Is Wolf Alice ready for the heat in Singapore: an interview with Theo Ellis

3 January 2018
Known for their unique grunge, indie and folk influence sounds, the North-London quad Wolf Alice, comprising Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Theo Ellis, and Joel Amey are set to perform at the highly anticipated Laneway Festival in a few days and 'excitement' is an understatement!

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Venue: Gardens By The Bay
Date: 27 January 2018, Saturday
Tickets on sale – click here!

We caught up with Theo for a quick chat on their debut performance here in Singapore, their latest album 'Visions of a Life', 'Yuk Foo' and how prepared is he for the heat and humidity here in Singapore! Read on!


Will Laneway Festival 2018 be your first time visiting Singapore? What have you heard about Singapore (or Asia in general) and what are you looking forward to?

Theo: I don't know what to expect to be honest! But we've never played in Singapore before and I'm really excited. It's gonna be exciting to share that experience with different acts. I'm just very excited to go there! What I've heard is that I have to try the different cuisines here. That's what everyone told me, and that we have to do a bit of exploring. But I'm not sure how much time we actually have here but we'll do our best to keep our way around it.

You'll be supporting Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters! How did this opportunity come about and how do you feel about it?

Theo: It's amazing! Our management told us there's an offer coming for Queens Of The Stone Age maybe about 2 to 3 months ago, and I'm personally a massive fan with a tattoo of one of their albums on my arm. I really really love them a lot, and it's a childhood dream come true for me!

For Foo Fighters, we met them a little bit when we were recording our new record and bumped into them then but we didn't have much dialogue. They asked us to do Foo Fighters' Festival Cal Jam, which is where they were playing and organized too. But yes, I'm very excited to hang out with them!

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Your latest album, Visions of a Life is without a doubt one of the most impressive ones to us and also NME and Q have chosen it as one of the best albums of 2017 – just like "My Love Is Cool". What was the creative process behind it?

Theo: We (kind of) didn't have much of a break between the first and second album. This one came about maybe just a month of us not being together. By the end of that month we were back and working on little ideas on our laptops. We've written quite a lot of stuff between the time of our tour and the first album, and we've been away for maybe 2 years supporting that record. Our creative process is like collections of what we've experienced between that time. It was kind of written and conceived in London, and we took it to Los Angeles and recorded it.

What's your most memorable experience while working on the albums?

Theo: For me personally, we spent two weeks recording the draft in an amazing studio and we only have about two weeks there. We remember that two weeks being in blur and it was so intense and exciting at the same time. Slowly everything started to come together. That's the most exciting moment for me. I think.

How was the experience with Justin Meldal-Johnsen who produced the album? And since you both play the bass, what's your perspective on him as a bass player?

Theo: It's amazing for me! He really understands our songwriting and also refining the tones and sounds to achieve what you are trying to convey musically. He's more well-rounded than just an incredible bassist. He's got a real knack for everything. I was quite nervous to work with him actually. But he made it really easy and he's such a nice person. He gave me quite a lot of good advice to become a better musician.

I'm sure you've been asked this question multiple times but we just couldn't skip it: "Yuk Foo" definitely stands out in the new album. What were the thoughts behind this track? How did you get to to the name, the process...

Theo: "Yuk Foo" was originally written on Ellie's laptop at Columbus while we were on tour. It was just about frustrations and writing about being pissed off about expectations on you or, it can be used as a general angry outset kinda music. At that point, we really wanted to play more upbeat kinda songs. We didn't have too many of that.  

You guys are also known for your amazingly energetic live sets. Anything specific that we should be prepared for at Laneway Festival 2018?

Theo: (Laughs) Not at all! We try to keep it as energetic as possible. You don't have to prepare yourself for anything, but have an open mind and that is always a good thing  (in case we are not very good).

Are you guys prepared for the heat and humidity in Singapore?

Theo: I hate humidity and I try to avoid being hungover, and that's the worst thing if you're hungover.  

Wanna know more about them? Here's your chance! Get an intimate look at their life on the road with a rockumentary, On The Road. The rockumentary follows Wolf Alice as they promote their debut studio album, My Love is Cool, for the last time on a frenetic 16-date UK and Ireland tour. More deets below!

Event Information
Venue: The Projector, Singapore
Date: 11 January 2018
Time: 8:30pm (SGT)
Tickets on sale at $13.50 – click here!

Watch a clip from On The Road:

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