Jay-Z Added Extra E's To Rihanna's 'Loveeeeeee Song'

22 November 2012
It seems more likely that Future and Rihanna would cook up a Southern-soaked strip-club ode, but on Unapologetic, Rih Rih and the Astronaut Kid did the unexpected with their heartfelt duet "Loveeeeeee Song."

Apparently, it wasn't the type of record Team Rihanna was looking for either, but sometimes the best music is unplanned.

"They wanted a more uptempo record, so I sent four or five records, and I left the last record. It was more like a ballad, and I left it," Future told MTV News on the Miami set for DJ Khaled's "Bitches and Bottles" video. "It was a record that I didn't spend that much time on either. Less thought, [so] it was more natural."

Future starts the slow-rolling track singing in his computerized drawl. "I don't want to give you the wrong impression, I need love and affection," he croons before Rihanna chimes in with her Caribbean-accented plea. "I want you now, I want you now," she sings, inviting the Atlanta hot boy into her heart.

The track came out so good even Rihanna's mentor Jay-Z wanted in on the action. No, Hov doesn't ride third wheel on the duet, but he did insist on titling the track "Loveeeeeee Song," with a very specific spelling.

"It was 'Love and Affection' [originally]. Jay-Z heard it and felt like he wanted to be a part of it and named it with the seven E's at the end," Future revealed. "It was amazing."

Though Future has made quite a name for himself with his own singles like "Tony Montana," "Same Damn Time" and his current hit "Turn on the Lights," this new track with Rihanna is the biggest crossover look of his young and promising career. The Pluto rapper is very appreciative for the look. "Good people in good places, they recognized my talent," he said.

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