Sezairi and Joe Flizzow bless us with new music on a Friday

13 April 2018

Friday the 13th has been the gold standard for superstitious sentiments, but we've been nothing but blessed on this day.

Sezairi, hard at work for his upcoming record, has unveiled the first piece of the puzzle. Written and produced in Sweden, aka the mecca of pop music songwriting, 'It's You' offers "a genuine take on the subjective topic of love and what it means to nerve-rackingly devote your heart to someone unconditionally."

As always, Sezairi knows how to hit the right notes when it comes to the affairs of the heart — presenting an old-school ballad for the Tinder generation.

Meanwhile, Malaysian rap king Joe Flizzow has released his latest single 'Sampai Jadi' with a striking music video, featuring hook-maker Alif.

Hosting a motley crew of masked men for a dinner session, Flizzow embodies the swaggering, smoldering star that he's always projected in his music. But in this stylish, black-and-white setting, Flizzow takes the mantle of the Godfather, both revered and feared.


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