ICYMI: 10 Moments From Wanna One’s Fan Meeting That’ll Make You Fall In Love All Over Again

25 September 2017
Singapore Wannables were finally able to meet Wanna One and it was one hell of an emotional ride!

Beating out 90 over other Kpop hopefuls, these 11 boys were voted by fans on Produce 101 Season 2 to become Wanna One. From rookies to idols from bands that just couldn't get a break, each of the idols fought hard to get a spot in Wanna One.

Besides performing hit songs like Energetic, Burn It Up, Pick Me, and a lovely acoustic version of Always, the boys also had dedicated segments to show off their talents. Oh, and fans celebrated the maknae's hatchday as well.

Here are 10 highlights from Wanna One's fan meeting in Singapore just in case you missed the boys when they were here!

1. Daehwi's aegyo specially for Singapore Wannables. Brb, dying inside.

2. Kang Daniel said that he is the God of Hands, because he has really nice hands. Here are his three top poses that show off his hands.

3. When Daniel and Ji Sung had to dance as cutely and adorably as part of a mission… and ended up dabbing.

4. Jihoon's 5 aegyo rabbit poses, complete with bunny ears. Okay, I admit that he really does suit the rabbit look!

5. Guanlin parodying a scene from Fight My Way with Jihoon. My heart just MELTED.

6. Wannables singing happy birthday to Guanlin in English, Chinese and Korean because Singapore is a multi-lingual country.

7. This is what you'll get if you ever ask Kang Daniel to lead a class to greet the teacher. *flaps hands*

8. If you ever need a party hat collector, you know who to call. Ong Seong Woo is your man.

9. See the boys up close during their exclusive hi-touch session after the concert! All these lucky fans!

10. Let's just wrap this up with Ong Seong Woo doing his Haegeum Gashina impression, because this is something every Wannable needs to see this at least once in their lives.

Here's a comparison with the original, just in case you don't know the original song. Basically he's trying to imitate the backing track.

After the fan meeting, the boys took to twitter to thank all their fans for coming, with pics from backstage! Some fans managed to leave with more, like signed balls, autographed posters, polaroids the boys took backstage, and even the signed drawings the members drew of each other.

Jinyoung promised that Wanna One will be back in Singapore soon, so we'll hold him to that! After all, the pressure is high, with the boys only staying together as a group until the end of next year. Can we please have Wanna One as a permanent group?

- Michelle Ng

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