Bird Box director responds to rumours of a sequel

8 January 2019

If you were one of the 45 million Netflix subscribers who ignored their family over the holiday break and watched Bird Box instead, then you're going to want to hear this news.

Given the huge popularity of the film, starring Sandra Bullock, fans are ripping their hair out wondering if they'll be getting a sequel.

Well the answer is "no"....for now. But could be a "yes" later down the track.

While Netflix reps told Mashable, "right now there are no plans for a Bird Box sequel," the film's director Susanna Bier said "we only just finished [the first one]! It's funny, I'm kind of reading people asking for a sequel and I'm like, 'Hey, hey, hey, we really just finished!' So let's just enjoy it for now."


Seeing is deceiving. #BirdBox

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Look it's not a hard no, so fans will be happy there's a glimmer of light through the blindfold. In the meantime y'all need to stop doing the #BirdBoxChallenge.


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