Star Wars: The Weirdest Celebrity Feuds EVER!

3 May 2015
1. Katie Price dissed Kim Kardashian’s infamous Paper magazine cover on Australian TV. Kim didn’t know who Katie was and asked if she’s a porn star. Katie went for boob job number seven. And eight. The end (for now).

2. Sinéad O’Connor wrote Miley Cyrus an open letter in 2013, saying she was being “prostituted” by the music industry, before reigniting the whole thing in 2014 with a tweet reading, “Urgent! Does anyone know the whereabouts of this girl’s parents?”

3. Kanye West… well, Kanye-d, Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs. Basically, he thought Beyoncé should have won the Best Female Video award, so he hopped on stage while Swifty was accepting it and told the whole world. They’re now friends again. Yay!

4. Daniel Craig branded the entire Kardashian Klan “f***ing idiots” in an interview with GQ in 2011. Momager Kris Jenner requested an apology in a Heat magazine interview. We reckon she’s still waiting.

5. Drake Bell and Justin Bieber have an ongoing Twitter war which can be traced back to 2012, when Drake wrote, “I wouldn't randomly bash @katyperry.... bieber however lol.” It’s pretty one-sided, with Drake regularly commenting on Biebs and his fans.

6. Elton John and Madonna’s decade-long feud – caused by comments from Elton, including calling Madge a “f***ing fairground stripper” – came to an end when he sent the Queen of Pop an apology note in 2013.

7. Scientologist Tom Cruise called Brooke Shields "irresponsible” for her use of anti-depressants following the birth of her daughter in 2003, with Brooke responding “Tom should stick to saving the world from aliens.” LOL.

8. Lily Allen called Courtney Love a “crazy old lady” and “a paranoid drug addled lunatic” after Courtney spoke out about wanting to wear Chanel to the 2010 BRIT Awards, and not being able to, because Lily had a lock on the dresses.

9. Snoop dissed Iggy in 2014 by comparing her to Marlon Wayans’ character in White Chicks. Iggy fought back, Snoop posted an apology on Instagram… and Igs had the last laugh by dressing up as the character for Halloween.

10. Who hasn’t Eminem feuded with? However, one of his most notable arguments is with Mariah Carey, who he claims to have had a relationship with in many of his songs. Mariah’s 2009 track ‘Obsessed’ was her response.

11. When Rita Ora and Rob Kardashian broke up, Rob went on a Twitter rampage, claiming the singer cheated on him with “more than 20 dudes” and that she let him get her pregnant. Said tweets were later deleted.

12. After Joe Jonas claimed that The Walt Disney Company had squashed his creativity in 2013, fellow Disney kid Dylan Sprouse defended his employer, saying, "I think it's bulls**t.”

13. Going way back to when Kelly was on The Osbournes, the teenager claimed Christina Aguilera called her fat, though this has never occurred publicly. Kelly then called Christina fat on her E! show Fashion Police, before finally getting over it in 2012.

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