The Weeknd Is LITerally On Fire In His ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ Video: Watch

28 July 2015
Yes, The Weeknd has set the music world ablaze throughout his career. And yep, “I Can’t Feel My Face” is heating up 2015 with emoji flames. But the mysterious singer really set himself on fire in the song’s video – literally.

The clip, which was released Tuesday (July 28) via Apple Music, shows The Weeknd in all his singing and dancing glory as he takes center stage. But by the end of the video, we see him all the way lit. Here’s a look at how the clip plays out.

The video starts with Weeknd singing – and not on fire.

Credit: Apple Music

Then we see he’s performing in a small venue.

Credit: Apple Music

And here’s a close-up of an audience member. Note the smoke.

Credit: Apple Music

That same person decides to throw a lighter at Weeknd. Does he not like great music?

Credit: Apple Music

And boom! He’s on fire.

Credit: Apple Music

But it doesn’t matter – he keeps on dancin’.

Credit: Apple Music

And then leaves the club dressed in all flames, too.

Credit: Apple Music

Part of what makes “I Can’t Feel My Face” so hot is its infectious chorus. In the past, Weeknd may have shied away from songs with structures and hooks like this. But, he’s shifted in his perspective.

“I was always a punk: ‘I hate major chords. I hate structure. I want this song to be eight minutes long.’ It would kill [former producers].”he told The New York Times yesterday. “My head-space now is, I love choruses. A chorus is not easy.”

Well, this one is easily stuck in your head after hearing the song. And now the video’s just as fire.

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