6 Underrated Cartoons From the 90s That We Loved

27 September 2017
When Powerpuff Girls announced that they will be debuting a fourth Powerpuff Girl, the Internet had mixed reactions.

Townsville and the Powerpuff Girls was an iconic childhood cartoon that a lot of us loved when growing up, and we weren't sure how the addition of a new Powerpuff was going to work out (please don't mess up the dynamics of the Utonium family). And the whole new reboot of the series doesn't seem to be working out so well.

The 90s was a great time to be a kid – it was like the golden era of cartoons and kids had more time to be glued to the TV. What's left of Cartoon Network is a bit sad nowadays, tbh. Let's take a trip down memory lane to revisit these 6 underrated cartoons that you might have forgotten!

1. Samurai Jack

We all followed the feudal Japanese samurai who was sent to a dystopian world far into the future to defeat evil. It didn't satisfy fans when the cartoon wrapped up and our beloved samurai was still stuck in the future. The action thriller kept us glued to the journey of Samurai Jack, who is driven by his honor and pride to finish his quest to defeat Aku before he can return to his own world, but I guess he couldn't kill the demon and got stuck in the future.

The series just got a reboot this year, and Samurai Jack is still stuck in the same dystopian world, albeit a little more violent. Just like how we have grown up, Samurai Jack is now darker, more angsty and furious over the endless war with Aku. We can totally relate on what it feels like to be stuck in a world we cannot escape!

2. Dexter's Laboratory

Dexter is the boy genius that we all aspired to be. It's kind of like Rick And Morty, except without the grandpa, and it's the kid who's really smart. The series follows Dexter as he invents countless weird (but cool) machines and experiments all day in the basement. We love how he is always getting into fights with his sister Dee Dee, who manages to always gets past his high-tech defense system and destroying his experiments. Just like every sibling relationship, he does occasionally feel a reluctant affection for his annoying sister and always comes to her rescue. Nothing like some sibling love and exploding expreiments to end your day!

3. Courage The Cowardly Dog

Courage The Cowardly Dog was one for those who preferred dark comedy and horror (yes, even though it was a kid's show). Courage is a dog who is easily frightened by his owners and other aliens and monsters. Courage takes it upon himself to defend his owners from the supernatural creatures that seem to constantly haunt his owners. If you go back and rewatch the series, you might come to the realization that the show was written from Courage's perspective. To dogs, it might seem like everyone else is a monster (you realize it in one episode when a monster who is trying to break down the door turns out to be the mailman) and their incessant need to protect their owners from harm, which is basically Courage in a nutshell. MINDBLOWN.

4. Johnny Bravo

Another cartoon but with hidden adult humor in it. If you watch it again now, you'll probably get more of the jokes and re-think if the cartoon was as innocent as you thought it was. Basically the entire series revolves around Johnny Bravo, a muscular, boorish and dumb guy, who goes around trying to chase girls. But of course, he always gets rejected, and ends up going to extreme lengths to continue pursuing the girls or getting hurt by them. I guess you can watch it for his antics, and what NOT to do when trying to chase a girl!

5. Ed, Edd and Eddy

This trio definitely got up to some hilarious antics. Ed, Edd and Eddy are always trying to make money off the rest of the kids in Peach Creek so that they can buy more jawbreakers (because kids' priorities, right?). But they aren't the smartest, which means their plans usually leave them in humiliating predicaments in the absence of any adults. Oh, those times when you actually had to step out of the house and work for what you want! Plus the unique 'boiling' illustration style of the characters made the show stand out from the rest of the cartoons out there.

6. Codename: Kids Next Door

The James Bond heroes of the kids world. 5 children, operating under the codenames Numbuh One, Numbuh Two, Numbuh Three, Numbuh Four, and Numbuh Five are out to fight against the crimes against children. But we aren't talking about child abuse or any of the heavier stuff. It's all the normal, everyday things that we hated as a kid. Think battling against the evils of homework and flossing, fighting teenagers and senior citizens, and of course, ensuring that none of the other 'evil' children corrupt the good ones. Being a kid has never been more stressful!

- Michelle Ng

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