Katy Perry Debuts Darker Locks, '90s Style At Coachella

17 April 2012
After Katy Perry teased her fans that she had completely changed up her hair last week, she went back to black ... sort of.

Perry debuted her much darker locks at the Coachella music festival over the weekend. After sporting neon-hued hair for some time now, the singer's new 'do has a black undertone with navy, deep lavender and eggplant highlights throughout.

And while she had been favoring shorter hair over the last several months, her new coiffure is long and wavy.

Perry even tweeted about her new look from the music festival, calling out the pop culture moments that inspired her outfits, which ranged from a long, see-through boho dress to a goth-inspired black dress, the latter of which she wore Friday, explaining, "In honor of Friday the 13th The CRAFT is the inspiration for this evenings lewk ... #takemyscars #coachella."

A day later she shared, "Today's lewk is sponsored by courtney love, virgin suicides & fern gully #nymph." That's the day she was spotted in her see-through boho dress.

On Sunday, Perry tweeted, "Todays lewk is sponsored by hot topic meets twilight. #ashish." She was photographed in a short, bright floral print dress, ripped-up tights and clunky shoes.

Before she hit Coachella over the weekend, Perry hinted that she had every intention of looking to the '90s for inspiration for her style. "Pretty stoked about my 90's The Craft meets Garbage meets Tank Girl meets early No Doubt meets Ty from Clueless lewk 4 dis wknd #ohmygoth."

Over the past 12 months, Perry has been particularly experimental with her hair color, most recently sporting a berry-blue color. "She's kind of this candy-coated sort of person," her hairstylist Rita Hazan told MTV News earlier this year. "It's nice to see her experiment with different things."

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