Single AF's Marnie Simpson & Elliot Crawford Gets Steamy On Chapstick Challenge

27 June 2017

MTV's brand new show Single AF is officially underway, with seven celebs turning their back on the lonely life and heading out into the big, wide world to find love online.

It sounds pretty cute when you put it like that, but it's probably best to put the confetti, red roses and love song serenades to one side for now - because Marnie Simpson and Elliot Crawford have been playing the Chapstick Challenge, and things all got a bit weird.

Ahead of the live launch kicking off last night, Marnie and Elliot decided to get to know each other a little better.

rnt anything from Geordie Shore, it's that there's no better way to get to know someone than having a cheeky tash on.

Taking it in turns to apply a flavoured chapstick, Marnie and Elliot got stuck in with the classic YouTube game and locked lips a grand total of four times to try and guess exactly what flavour lip balm the other was wearing.

Guys. If you two end up getting it on and falling in love then Single AF isn't gonna take a very unexpected turn.

Despite the fact that we kinda ship #Melliot now, the whole game wasn't quite as romantic as you're thinking - mainly thanks to Jedward in the background who were sat right next to the kissing for a first hand view of the whole thing.

But err… luckily John and Edward both seemed to be okay with that. Terrifying.

Funnily enough, Jedward aren't the only fans of the Chapstick Challenge. Elliot seemed to be quite onboard with the fact that he had to repeatedly kiss Marnie Simpson.

Things couldn't get quite as steamy as he had in mind though, as Marnie explained that she's actually a little bit fragile right now in the facial department.

"We've got to be very careful of the nose," she revealed. "Not everyone knows this but I've just had surgery on my nose, so I've got to be very gentle and so's Elliot."

Either way, this exact moment captures in GIF form exactly what happens to a guy when he kisses Marnie Simpson.

Has anyone checked that Elliot's heart is still beating after all of this? The boy's got a plane to catch.

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- Lucy Wood

Single AF: Marnie Simpson And The Gang Are All Over Each Other

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