A-Lin shares about her music, 'Sea Of Light' 光之海, her fav Singapore dish and more!

2 November 2017
Stärker Music Carnival 2017 will be happening this Saturday (4 Nov) with a lineup of notable local acts such as Jasmine Sokko and The Façade. But hold on, it gets better. The one day carnival will be headlined by the one and only Taiwanese Mandopop goddess – wait for it – A-Lin! Fans of A-Lin, you better keep your eyes out for this one.

This will be her third time here in sunny Singapore and we simply CAN'T WAIT! Not only will she be performing some of her hit songs and our karaoke favourite 'Give Me A Reason To Forget' (給我一個理由忘記), she will also be performing her latest song 'Sea Of Light' (光之海) for the very first time here in Singapore and we are all in for a treat!

A-Lin needs no further introduction tbh. She's a living proof of a 'born diva' and her music has crossed the seas to touch hearts all over the world! Let's get to know her a little better as she shares about her music, and her inspiration behind 'Sea Of Light' (光之海). Watch!

A-Lin shares with us her fav dish in Singapore and more! | MTV Meets

Crabs and Bak Ku Teh in Singapore?! Good choice A-Lin! Read on as A-Lin shares with us her most memorable fan encounter, and her go-to Karaoke songs!


1) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Sleep! If I have a break, of course I will sleep! I've not been getting enough sleep these days. I feel that my happiness is growing, but the amount of rest i'm getting is quite little. I believe this is the price you should pay. But I hope one day the amount of happiness and sleep I get will gradually be the same.

2) Ever thought of collaborating with any other artists?

I admire Sun Li a lot. I like her acting skills and her smile because it makes me feel really warm and radiant. If I have the opportunity, I would definitely love to work with her! No matter if it's music or drama, I hope to be able to interact with her.

3) Many of your songs are our go-to Karaoke songs! Share with us a song you love to sing to during your karaoke sessions!

I don't usually sing when I go to a karaoke session. I'm more like an emcee/host.But, if there are songs that I must pick, that would be the classic Mandopop songs like "Reading You" (讀你). And… Oh! I like to sing "Blue Worries" (蓝色忧郁) the most. As long as they are the classic Mandopop songs, I enjoy singing to it.

Us right now...

4) Could you share with us a little bit about your approach to creating new music?

I don't actually have any specific idea or goal when I compose my songs. Most of the time, it'll come to me all of a sudden. I might be looking at passersby, or even couples fighting on street. So yea, I think my musical inspiration comes to me very out-of-the-blue.

5) Share with us a memorable fan encounter!

I have a little fan who inspired me to love myself. Because I feel that as we grow older, most of the simplest ideas are gone. My little fan just stepped into Primary 1, but she was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to undergo surgery. So she had her hair shaved, and that aroused attention from many of her friends and classmates. They asked about her bald head and she answered, "Who said that girls must have long hair? I like it on myself." This is a very courageous statement. It also encouraged me because I feel that there is a different side in everyone. It taught me that I should approach each day with a positive attitude.

I hope that through this story, (and not just by singing), I can tell everyone that in fact, we don't have to care what others think about us. We must learn to love ourselves, for others to love you.

Finally, anything to say to your fans here in Southeast Asia?

I feel really fortunate being able to let everyone know A-Lin through my songs. I hope you guys will continue supporting A-Lin, and I hope to go to your city and sing for you guys.


She's so humble and talented! This is no wonder A-Lin is sucha huge star in the Mandopop music scene and we know for sure that her songs will live on with us (and the karaoke studios) for YEARS!


Get ready for a fun-filled day with good music and phresh Starker beer!More info of Stärker Music Carnival 2017 below!

Event Information
Stärker Music Carnival 2017
Date: Saturday, 4 Nov 2017
Time: 3:30pm (SGT)
Venue: Starker Signature @ Tanjong Pagar Centre
Tickets on sale now – Click here!
*Admission is free with a purchase of F&B package per person.
*Sales of alcohol will not be permitted to attendees below 18 years old.


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