Holy S–t, Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Just Buried Their ‘Bad Blood’ At The VMAs

26 August 2015
Well, that’s one way to open the VMAs.

Actually, I take that back — that’s THE way to open the VMAs.

As scheduled, Nicki Minaj hit the stage to open this year’s show, but towards the end of the performance, she hit us with a surprise: Taylor Swift.

Yup, Taylor Swift.

One more time: Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Together. Onstage. At the VMAs. In real life.

Here’s how it went down: After rocking out with a dozen or so dancers and an elaborate, awesome headdress to the island-inspired “Trini Dem Girls,” Nick slowed things down a bit when she broke into “The Night Is Still Young.”

For that The Pinkprint favorite, the Young Money rapper stationed herself at the front of the stage. All eyes were on her…and then, seemingly out of nowhere, Taylor emerged in the back, from beneath the stage and brought a whole new level of jaw-dropping to the set.

Tay helped her sing the rest of “The Night Is Still Young,” and then they teased us with a 30-second, fun, animated version of “Bad Blood.”

Obviously, this would have been a big deal no matter what — but what makes the moment especially special is that it comes after Nicki and Taylor got into a bit of a digital scuffle last month.

It started after the VMA nominations were announced, when Nicki expressed her disappointment that “Anaconda” didn’t score a nom for Video of the Year (it did land as one of five in Best Female Video and Best Hip-Hop Video, though).

Tay seemed to interpret those tweets as if they were directed at her and her “Bad Blood” video — which was nominated for Video of the Year — and tweeted back at Nicki.

Nick was quick to point out that she had never named Taylor in her initial tweets.

Taylor felt bad, so she invited Nicki up if “Bad Blood” took home the Moonman.

Then, she fully came out and apologized.

So Nicki accepted.

And they did end up sharing a stage together — creating a one-of-a-kind VMA moment.

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