These creepy abandoned amusement parks in Asia will make you pee your pants!

27 October 2017
Abandoned theme parks can be really creepy if you've been watching too many horror shows. Nothing like a clown to go rogue and terrorize the hell out of you, right?

There's also something beautiful and charming about these places (if you ignore the creepy feelings and rumours of accidents). Those pics that you risked going to a haunted place for? Definitely insta-worthy.

Here are 6 abandoned theme parks in Asia for you to visit!

Yongma Land – Jungnang-Gu, Mangu-Dong, Korea

This abandoned theme park became a tourist hotspot of K-fans after singers and idols frequented the park to shoot that nostalgic 80s vibe. Crayon Pop, EXO and IU are just some idols who have filmed their music videos here.

This park is filled with the usual merry-go-round, viking ship and bumper car rides, which people lost interest in once Lotte World opened. Today, the park attracts photographers and urban explorers who love its old-school look. If you have a little cash to spare, the merry-go-round lights can also be turned on.

Right next to the amusement park is also an abandoned water park. If you plan on venturing there, just take note that it's private property and you can get chased away for trespassing. (But going into forbidden places is just half the fun!)

Nara Dreamland – Nara, Japan

Japan's version of Disneyland before the real deal opened in Tokyo, this theme park rode the American Dream for a good 40 years before losing all its fans to the more realistic Disneyland. Be prepared to see a replica of the Sleeping Beauty Castle and roller coasters that are now decrepit.

The main highlight at the time was the street stretching through the center of the park that recreated a typical "Main Street" in the US. This was something most Japanese had never seen before, especially during 1960s post-war Japan. The abandoned tracks have now been taken over by vegetation, with plastic mascots weathered into spooky beings.

Encore Garden – Dakeng, Taichung, Taiwan

One of Taiwan's biggest attractions in the 1990s, Encore Garden was popular amongst locals and tourists alike despite the accidents that seemed to plague it. Eventually, the 1999 Jiji earthquake finally put the park beyond repair.

If you ever decide to head there, do take extreme caution – people who've documented their travels there report the area is infested with huge-ass spiders (not the small ones that you see running about in your house).

Takakonuma Greenland – Fukushima, Japan

Even before the Fukushima explosion, Takakanonuma Greenland was always a creepy, mysterious place. Despite having opened twice, the park was said to be plagued by fatal accidents that eventually led to its permanent closure. Rusted tracks and decaying cars are strewn all over the premises in various stages of deterioration. Even creepier is that the entire park seems to be permanently in a state of fog (and if you've watched enough horror movies, you'll know that fog isn't a good sign).

You won't be able to find this park on Google Maps, so be prepared to go on a little adventure. The exact coordinates for the park are 37.805,140.519167 if you want to try your luck. But be warned; we don't really know what you'll find there.

Wonderland Amusement Park – Chenzhuang Villange, Nankou Town, Changpaing District, China (about 32km from Beijing)

China also tried to replicate their own Cinderella Castle from Disneyland. The park was never completed, and left in a half-complete state. Eventually, farmers returned to the area to continue planting crops and reclaim their land.

Kejonuma Leisure Land – Tohoku, Japan

It seems that as technology provides us with more entertainment options that don't involve running around taking rides, amusement parks are all slowly shutting down due to financial ruin. And Japan is seeing a lot of it (sadly).

Kejonuma Leisure Land closed down in 2000, and its rusting ferris wheel and deserted merry-go-round is now a prime destination for brave explorers. The park also has a hot spring bath, a golf course and a dilapidated plane lying around.

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– Michelle Ng

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