6 sexy moments that only happens when Harry Styles owns the stage

24 November 2017
Make way; Harry Styles has officially turned into an actual bona fide rock star. Don't believe us? Well, don't say we didn't warn you.

We were at Harry Styles first ever concert last night in Singapore (the previous One Direction concert doesn't count!) and can we say that it was freaking AWESOME? It was everything a concert in the 90s would be, with thumping basses, shrieking guitars, and a fancy-ass suit. And a floral one at that cos Hazza wanted it that way.

Even though we caught up with him just before his concert where Harry very happily shared his set list (and more) with us, we were just as hyped during the sold-out concert where it all his biggest vocal fans were present at. Nothing beats watching Sign Of The Times and Kiwi live because its grandeur is simply breathtaking. Oh and the charming lad knows exactly how to get to our hearts as he powered through his self-titled debut album and a couple other covers. Yes, there even was a little One Direction tribute!

Just in case you weren't there, here's a compilation of smoking hot, sexy moments that only Harry Styles can pull off. Anybody else? Not so much.

1. Spraying water out of his mouth!

Watch from 2:37! Nobody does it better than you, Mr Styles. And you lucky peeps at the front seats who got a little bit of splashing from him!

2. Playing with a rubber chicken because someone threw it instead of a kiwi at him

3. Play his song wrongly and laugh it off – because who else would take it so gracefully?

4. Rock a floral suit without looking like our grandma's wallpaper

Harry in Singapore... he wore the suit from his first concert #harrystyles

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5. A One Direction song – not that One Direction was more teensy-boppy than smexy-hot, but Harry Styles made their songs cool

6. Whenever he smiles, pretty much. THOSE DIMPLES

Aloysius Lim

Harry clearly left us wanting more, but oh wait, good things don't have to end cos he's coming back again next year for a second tour! Harry's even promised that his next show on 3 May 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium will be even bigger and better. We don't know how much more our hearts can take – but we're ready to welcome him back with open arms.

Event Information
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Tickets on sale – click here!

Oh we'll see you again alright don't you worry, Harry!

- Michelle Ng


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