Here’s Why the Busan One Asia Festival Is Every Kpop Fan’s Ultimate Dream

17 October 2017
The mega Hallyu festival, Busan One Asia Festival, is pretty much every K-fan's ideal affair. Over 10 days at the end of October, Fans can look forward to four major concerts that cover everything from Kpop to trot and EDM, probably the biggest fandom flea market, fan meetings with the stars, and even lectures by the stars themselves.

You'll be able to satisfy your inner Korean ho with this festival alone. One concert alone – the opening ceremony – will allow you to see 13 of the biggest Kpop groups, and there are so many opportunities to interact with your bias. We put together a list of the highlights for you!

1. BOF Opening Ceremony

Two hours of non-stop Kpop? Um, yes please! With 13 groups, ranging from newbies like Blackpink to Sechskies, one of the very first OG idol groups, the BOF Opening Ceremony is the ultimate treat for Kpop fans.

MTV Asia will be broadcasting and livestreaming the opening ceremony on Sunday, 22 October, LIVE at 6pm (SG/PH/MY) 5pm (WIB). Tune in if you don't wanna be FOMO.

2. BOF Fan Meeting

Not only do you get to meet your favorite idols in an intimate setting, but the fans themselves get to plan the whole session! The festival selects fans to be the producers and will help to execute the entire fan meeting according to your plan. Where else would you get this chance? This year, the stars lined up for the fan meetings include SF9, Samuel Kim, Kim Tae-Woo, and Momoland.

You'll never know, this might just happen to you...


3. BOF Talk Concert

The only thing that will make you attend a lecture: if a Kpop star was the one conducting the class. In a series of talks, stars will be holding their own classes on the Korean wave, because no one would know better about the true impact of Hallyu stars than the stars themselves. Also, you can keep telling yourself that you're there to learn about Hallyu, but we all know the real reason you're there.


4. BOF Ground

If you love not just your idols but everything Korea-related, you'll love this event. The fair will feature the latest beauty and fashion trends all in one place. Oh and of course, the food, because Korean food is absolutely delicious. Stuff your face and stock up on makeup!


5. BOF Play Center

We always wish that we could interact with our idols. Bring your imagination to life with Kpop-related VR – it'll feel like they are just in front of you! Once you're done, head to the photo zone for some wacky shots before exploring the rest of the center, which houses webtoons, caricatures and games.


Want to be part of the action but won't be in Korea at that time? MTV Asia will be broadcasting and livestreaming the opening ceremony on 22 October. Watch the BOF opening ceremony LIVE at 6pm (SG/PH/MY), 5pm (WIB) to not miss out on anything!

You don't need to wait for the subtitled version as the MTV Asia broadcast and livestream will have a live voiceover in English. We totally understand the struggles of being a non-Korean-speaking fan!

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