These pics of Kylie Jenner's baby shower tells us that the baby is a girl!

15 November 2017

So Kylie Jenner has supposedly shown us her baby bump, teased a gender reveal photoshoot, is now rocking an 'engagement ring' and now there are aerial pics all over the Internet of her PINK-themed 'baby shower'.

This is either the most elaborate troll of the century (read this insane theory!), or the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner klan really is pregnant with her first child.

The pics were taken at Kylie's home in Hidden Hills, one day after big sister Kim's 'cherry blossom-themed' baby shower. 

Yep, that's Kris Jenner holding what looks like a guest book and amidst the thousands of pink flowers strewn across the marquee and floating in the pool are pajama-clad guests.

But according to The Sun UK, Kylie had a really 'miserable' baby shower.

The Sun UK reported that the mom-to-be was extremely upset from the low-key baby shower – there was a social media ban (her friends were all refrained from posting pics on their social media), boyfriend Travis Scott did not make an appearance due to his tour, and she 'hated her outfit.' According to an insider, "Kylie didn't like wearing baggy pyjamas - she'd prefer something sexier or cooler - and of course Travis [Scott, Kylie's boyfriend and baby daddy] wasn't there. He's on tour."

Momager, Kris Jenner, planned the baby shower to make the best possible TV – we aren't sure if its for the new season of Life of Kylie, or KUWTK. But this is why she had do it on a certain date for, "TV scheduling purposes (so they can show the episode before the baby is born) - but after Kim," said the insider. Yeap, big sis Kim K has reportedly threw a baby shower recently (just one day before Kylie's) and its a girl too!

Obviously we can't say definitively if this is in fact the 20-year-old's baby shower for Kylie's first 'daughter', but the anticipation is killing us.

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