The Wanted Pen 30 Songs But Only Claim Six -- Can We Have Them?

29 October 2012
It's hard to believe at this time last year, many here in the United States had no idea who The Wanted were, but with two hit songs and new single "I Found You" bound to race up the charts, the British-Irish boy band seem to be staying around for a while.

The fivesome released their second album, Battleground, nearly a year ago in the U.K., but for the past several months, they have been writing, recording and choosing songs for their upcoming third effort.

"We had more than 30 songs and we picked about five or six that we were like 'yeah these are really high hitters,' " Siva Kaneswaran told MTV News. "We have to get the rest of the album finished."

So why weren't more than six songs chosen from the thirty tracks?

"The others were sh--," Nathan Sykes joked.

Max George added, "Some of the songs are for other artists and we don't always write for The Wanted. It's different when it's 30 songs that we've each written a share of individually, to put them together to make an album that actually makes sense because there were some that were to obscure, some that were too personal or whatever. We just need to get together a little bit more which we are going to do in the next couple months and hopefully have something decent by March."

The Wanted, who are hoping to recruit Justin Bieber and Chris Brown to collaborate on the album, revealed that they have heard "whispers" of teaming up with Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull, but can't confirm the collaboration.

Yet, that doesn't mean they haven't hooked up with other artists. The Wanted have already been in the studio with several hitmakers, including fellow British singer, Rita Ora.

"I don't know what we are going to do with it," Kaneswaran said of the Ora track. "We worked in a day, and it turned out really well, and it's just sitting there waiting to be released among the public."

One song that may not be released to the public is The Wanted's collaboration with party rockers, LMFAO.

"We did a couple tracks with LMFAO and they are just far too crazy," Sykes said. "I'm sure someone will do it. It was a wild track. I think slightly too far."

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