Space out to these 10 trippy GIFs – because GIFs are art too

4 October 2017
In today's world, GIFs play a huge role in our everyday lives. From hilarious GIFs to entire conversations in GIFs, I think we can all agree that we can't live without those little looping vids. Not only do they spice up our conversations, but sometimes words alone just aren't enough because #millennials.

But GIFs aren't just full of memes – they're an art form in themselves! Check out these mesmerizing GIFs that'll leave you mindblown.

If the gifs aren't showing, give it some time to load. Good things are worth the wait yea.

1. @Anterez's obsession with cats, because they are the overlords of the internet.

2. I could probably stare at this one by mojokoworld all day.

3. You won't want to look away. This beautiful geometric GIF action by gadtan is too dope.

4. Not all GIFs were created using computer graphics. Adeline Tan hand painted an old vinyl for this beautifully bizarre gif.

5. This serene GIF by Ahmad-Rifa'ie is therapeutic and calming for the eyes.

6. Cute and whimsical GIF action by Qian-Yu to remind you of simpler times!

7. Endless loops had me watching this for aaaaages.

8. Rabbits from the Grey Machine by Benny Ong brings the factory to life in a pop of colour.

9. Kaleidoscopes are perfect for GIFs, as Matthew Ryan shows us.

10. Of course, when we talk about GIFs, there will always be the weird ones. Here, Wan-G redefines a chicken run. With a cat looking on (because we all love cats).

All these GIFs and more will be featured by Kult International and NOISE Singapore in the first-ever GIF Festival, 5 – 11 October 2017 in Singapore. With GIF displays, workshops, performances and talks, it'll be a fun 'n funky tribute to the art of the beloved GIF! Find out more by heading to the GIF Fest website or gawk at even more trippy GIFs at their Instagram.

- Michelle Ng

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