Could Justin Bieber Perform With An Elvis Hologram?

27 April 2012
The world can't seem to get enough of that Tupac hologram from the Coachella festival. The late rapper's lifelike image left fans in awe as it performed alongside Snoop Dogg during his set with Dr. Dre.

The people behind the projection system that created the incredibly realistic likeness of the MC are now cooking up ideas of who else they might want to bring back to life.

Speaking to NME, Sanj Surati, head of music at Musion Technology Ltd, explained that one of music's greats could one day perform alongside one of pop's biggest stars. Asked whether there were plans to bring back Elvis Presley and perhaps have him perform next to Justin Bieber, Surati said it "would be a cool thing."

If an Elvis/Bieber collabo can't shake out, Surati explained there are others he'd like to see come to life: "Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, oh, and Michael Jackson would be the ultimate one," he said. "Maybe even Whitney Houston."

As for the future of the famous Tupac-ogram, well, Surati hopes it can be resurrected once again on a bigger-scale tour. "This is obviously a historic and exciting initiative that we're all witnessing currently, and it would make sense for them to bring it to Europe," he said. "And maybe take it to the rest of the world."

Since the debut of the Tupac hologram, fans have been wondering what other beloved performers could find new life using this technology. On the 10-year anniversary of Left Eye's death, there was an unconfirmed report from TMZ that TLC might bring back the group's sassy rapper for a "massive 2012 reunion tour." The group has yet to comment on the rumor.

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