MTV Asks: Ismail Izzani talks first date, what annoys him and more fan questions!

16 November 2017
He's no stranger in Indonesia - Ismail Izzani is a breakthrough artist who has gained a massive fanbase through social media (YouTube and Instagram) and made his official debut early this year and we are such a fan ever since!

Ismail Izzani is only 17 years old (I repeat, SEVENTEEN) and his hit single that he co-written, 'Sabar' was extremely well received - claiming the title for the 'No. 1 Most Streamed Song' in Malaysia and Muzik Muzik charts, and more than 18 million video views on YouTube. That's A LOT of views!


Ismail Izzani has also recently dropped a new single + a fresh new music video, 'Demi Kita', that made it into our charts on Chart Attack for more than 4 weeks! Watch it here!

The talented Ismail Izzani adores his fans so much, he took time off his busy schedule and selected 20 fan questions to answer! So, what annoys him, and how was his first date? Find out if he has answered your questions!
1) If you get a chance to duet with any singer and make a new single/song with that person, who would you choose to sing with?
- @yusrina02_ via Instagram

I would choose Afgan, because he is such an inspiration. I just love his music because it's fresh and amazing.

2) Things fans don't know about you
- @nurul_batrisya6103 via Instagram

I love to shower in hot water! Hahaha! I don't know why, but I've loved it since I was little.

3) How do you usually spend your free time?
- @Savagelysyikin via Instagram

I love watching videos of song covers from YouTube as I'll get to learn a new singing techniques too!

4) Will you come to Singapore again for a meet and greet?
- @atiqah_ikah via Instagram

Of course I will! Singapore is one of my favourite places to go to as Singapore is very peaceful!

5) Do you love K-pop??
- @nurul_batrisya610 via Instagram

Yeap! I do listen to K-pop music occasionally, love their work!

Watch the video below as a Korean YouTuber reacts to Ismail Izzani's 'Sabar'. Ismail Izzani is putting Indonesian music on the world map and we are proud AF!

6) Tell us your favourite memory with your fans – Izzanies!
- @nurul_batrisya610 via Instagram

My favourite memory with Izzanies ¬is probably, everything! They make me feel alive and they are the reason why I'm still making music. I feel at home whenever I'm with my fans and I love them more than I could imagine!

7) Who's your idol?
- @ahnslhh_ via Instagram

Afgan, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran are my idols –not forgetting Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

8) What would you be doing if you were not a singer?
- @iamemyself via Instagram

I would take care of mum, and try to look for a comfortable job!

9) If you were 50 years old right now, what would u say to your 17-year-old self?
- @nrsyar via Instagram

I would tell him to, "Live your life, but don't forget your limits." We must always learn from our mistakes and be a better version of ourselves every day, and that life's a beautiful journey.

10) Any tips for young aspiring singers who would love to make it into the music industry like you?
- @saffura_official via Instagram

There are many talented individuals out there who can sing really well, but to be honest, it is tough to make it into the music industry. To me, it is all up to God and your faith. And yes, social media is a great place for you to get your music out there! Don't stop fighting to make your dreams come true!

Watch as Ismail Izzani kill it on the keys with his own rendition of Camilla Cabello's 'Havana'!

A post shared by one and only (@ismailizzani_) on

11) Your favourite outfit so far?
- @ izzaniesofficial via Instagram

I don't have a favourite outfit for now. Hahaha!

12) Best childhood memories?
- @Nrsyar via Instagram

My sister hit me in my face after I bit her on the leg, and I lost a tooth. I remember how much it hurt back then, but now it's just a really funny story!

13) If you're given a chance to be an actor, which/what character will you play?
- @ Whtevertasha via Instagram

I wanna be Spiderman!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14) If you could travel anywhere you want, where would you go and why?
- @Nrsyarif via Instagram

I would love to go to Maldives because I love the beach. It is perfect for me!

15) What annoys you?
- @izzanies.sg_

I get annoyed by people who are late! For example, when the meeting time is 4 o'clock but they would arrive at 10 instead. HAHA, that's an exaggerated example of course.

16) What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're feeling down? (Btw I'm one of your biggest fans!)
- drux‏ @draqlhrsl via Twitter

Hi @draqlhrsl! First of all, I'm honoured to have you as one of my biggest fans. And thank you for your love and support. What I do to lift myself is that I will clear my mind, and talk to my mom about it. Mama always makes me feel better.

17) How was your first date?
- Eslianah‏ @dnureslianah via Twitter

My first date was great… because I'm awesome. HAHA! Jokes aside, the first date was awkward, to say the least.

18) Your favourite football team?
- Hani‏ @NiaBrompton via Twitter

Chelsea and PSG are my favourite football teams.

19) What's your biggest career goal?
- Alia Nizam‏ @AlieaNizam via Twitter

My biggest career goal is to win an award every year, and keep on doing what i'm doing to make my mama proud.

20) Describe what love means to you.
- @nafzaniza via Instagram

'Love' is a word with a really complex meaning and to me, 'love' is whenever you give someone happiness, and whenever you receive one too.


Nawww, he sure loves his mama and that's the sweetest thing ever.

At such a young age, Ismail Izzani is already making a huge name for himself with his talent and maturity. He ain't showing signs of slowing down and we can't wait to watch him take over the world - or rather - have his music heard around the world!


Ismail Izzani - Demi Kita (Official Music Video)


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