Afgan, Isyana Sarasvati and Rendy Pandugo hung out and created this romantic tune!

15 February 2018

Music fans with a weakness for romance are in for a treat with the release of "Heaven", a mega-collaboration between singer-songwriters Afgan, Isyana Sarasvati and Rendy Pandugo. The track, a ballad about love's gentle thrills, is the first-ever collab to feature these three artists.

"Heaven" came about as a happy accident. Rendy and Afgan were faced with a bout of writer's block during one of their songwriting workshops, and so they called in their friend Isyana for help. It turns out that the chemistry between the three artists was electric, and they wrote the song just 30 minutes after.

"The song 'Heaven' itself is about the feelings that we have of someone that we love, that when we are close to them, we feel free. So the song illustrates the way we feel when we are close to the people that we love," says Isyana, a multi-talented musician best known for her chart-topping 2015 single, "Tetap Jalam Diwa".

"What we hope from this song is for people to spread more love, how love doesn't need to be complicated" adds Rendy, who released his English-language debut album, The Journey, in 2017.

Afgan, an award-winning ten-year veteran of the music scene and judge on X-Factor Indonesia, had nothing but praises for his fellow artists: "I personally admire these two. Even when I had a workshop with Rendy, I didn't feel confident because of his insane guitar skills. They are both very talented and very cool." 

"Heaven" is the three artists' experience of love brought to life. Check out the track's official lyrics video here:

Fans of "Heaven" will be able to catch the song live on February 21, 2018, when Afgan, Isyana, and Rendy come together for a special performance at The Pallas in Jakarta. Until then, they can enjoy the track's soulful vibes on the air and for streaming.

— Marco Sumayao


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