In her own words: Kim Lee on being a woman in the music industry + her fav female rappers

8 March 2019

Like all women, Kim Lee wears a lot of hats in life: DJ, producer, model, hip hop head, cat mama and, most recently, the new host of Yo! MTV Raps. In the spirit of International Women's Day, the Los Angeles native shares her experience as a woman entering the music industry, and reveals four of her fav female rappers.

Being a woman in the music industry is hard. We get judged every day. If you're pretty, people may not take you seriously. If society doesn't think you're pretty enough, you might not "make it". 

I expected to be rejected and doubted when I started, so I just kept working hard and I learned to ignore negative things and let my work speak for itself.

It's a male-dominated world, especially in the DJ world – it's like diving into a sea of sharks. The road getting there is tough, 'cause you get not just female haters but guys too!

But I think it's slowly changing. Cardi B, for example, proved herself and opened many doors for women. Because she was a stripper, people till this day doubt her and don't think she can rap. But look: she won a Grammy! 

I'm starting to see more female rappers now, which is dope. That's why – just believe in yourself! And whatever you do, don't stop.

My all-time fav female rapper is Lauryn Hill. She's just… I don't even know how to describe her, haha! I just love her soulful voice.

I like the swag of M.I.A., and she's got super-dope style.

Nicki Minaj has got this diva-cocky attitude that I like. She's definitely got a unique sound.

I like Young M.A.'s laidback attitude – like she's someone I would be friends with. Her music is dope; she goes in on her tracks, especially "Ooouuu"!

Follow Kim Lee on her Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Mixcloud, and keep a look out for the return of Yo! MTV Raps, a celebration of hip hop culture in Asia, coming soon to a screen near you!


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