MTV Ask: CLC Reveals How They Spend Their Day-Offs & More Fan Questions!

8 July 2017

CHESHIRE! We're back with your answers to your questions for these 7 talented goddesses, CLC!

We've received more than a thousand questions on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from YOU FANS! You guys are amazing!

So... which member sleeps the most, and who's the funniest? Watch on to find out!

CLC Answers Fan Questions And Reveals Who's The Funniest In The Group | MTV Meets

Now we know; Seunghee is the FUNNIEST in the group and LOVES to sleep, Seungyeon LOVES to eat (or maybe Sorn), Eunbin's dream stage name is 'Moon' and Yujin's is 'Milk'?

HAHA aren't they just a bunch of lovely girls? We would love to hang out with them! CHESHIRE, because we love you, we have more questions answered below! Thread to see if CLC have answered your questions!

1. What is CLC's favourite concept?
- @apinkarl on Twitter

  • Seungyeon: I think we like all of them.
  • Yeeun: We've tried many different concepts and I think everyone would have their own favorite, because everyone has different tastes. However, we think we can do any concept and make it our own, so we like all of our concepts!

    2. What is a must-have item each #CLC member must have when you guys travel around? (For daily schedule or overseas trips.)
    - @lyddish on Twitter

  • Seungyeon: I always bring slippers because I like my feet to be comfortable! I wear them when we're out of the hotel room or on the go!
  • Eunbin: Memo pads or letter paper. I always buy letter papers and I try to use them and always bring while traveling.
  • Yeeun: Speakers! I can listen to music or watch movies with it and set a better mood.
  • Elkie: Lip brush and perfume, because my lips are not shaped like normal lips and I'll need to touch up on the go.
  • Yujin: My sweatpants! I like to be comfy.
  • Seunghee: A massager. It doesn't have to be a machine, could be non-mechanized a tool.
  • Sorn: Lotion- as the climate could be dry or cold while traveling.

    3. What is your favourite song at the moment?
    - @xo_britney_xo on Twitter

    Yeeun: Currently, CLC is into this new song by Psy called 'New Face'! We do the dance while listening to it and sing along to it as well.

    4. If you girls are not a K-pop idol group, what is the one career you would love to enter?
    - @coony_kit on Twitter

  • Elkie: I'd like to run my own business. I'll create my own brand. That's my plan for the future, and sell clothes and do many things with it.
  • Seunghee: My dream was to write for radio. Then it changed and I wanted to be a radio DJ. If I get the chance, i'd like to read and learn more and eventually write my own book!
  • Sorn: I'd like to be a designer or interpreter! I like to talk, so i'd like to do something like that.
  • Seungyeon: A dance instructor before I debuted. Now, I started working out a lot, and became interested in teaching yoga.
  • Eunbin: I'd like to have my own brand too! I would model for it myself if i'm taller. Model, design and write as well!
  • Yujin: I love outdoor activities. I'd like to rock-climb or water-ski as a profession.
  • Yeeun: My dream for a long time was to be a singer. Before, I wanted to be a police officer or flight attendant. If i get the chance, i'd still like to try to be a flight attendant!

    5. Any plans for a concert?
    - @pcysoshi on Twitter

    Seungyeon: We don't have major plans for concerts yet, but we are working hard on our next comeback! We're doing our best, so keep an eye out!

    6. If you girls were in college, which field would you like to major in?
    - @abchen_21 on Twitter

    Yeeun: We shall let Eunbin answer as she's not in college yet.
  • Eunbin: I've always wanted to study psychology since young. I've talked about this with CLC, i find this field very attractive.
  • Yujin: I've always wanted to learn about dance!


    7. Are there any languages you'd like to learn?
    - @bangtansvts on Twitter

  • Yeeun: I'd like to ask Sorn who speaks 4 languages.
  • Seunghee: Are there any languages you wanna stop using? (CLC: HAHA)
  • Sorn: I would love to learn French and Spanish!

    7. How do you girls spend your day offs? Love, Danielle from Philippines.
    - Danielle Vislenio Mabalot on Facebook

  • Seunghee: I sleep for 12 hours. (CLC: HAHAHA) After wrapping up promotion for Hobgoblin, i've been trying to make friends, enjoy and have a great time!
  • Yeeun: We've been using this time off to do what we wanted to do and spend time on new hobbies!

    8. What's the hardest part of being foreign KPOP idols?
    - Danielle Vislenio Mabalot on Facebook

  • Sorn: When I go on entertainment programs and other people make jokes, it'll take me some time to get it, even though i've been in Korea for a long time. I'm not good at making witty conversation. I want to do that well, i'm still learning!
  • Elkie: Being a K-pop idol, we have to sing and dance but my stamina isn't very good.. I often find it hard to breathe after long dance practices.

    9. Hello CLC! I wonder what would you guys do when you're tired? I mean, something that can lift your mood up and give you a boost of energy?
    - Mentari Wulan Anddieny on Facebook

  • Elkie: I have a box full of letter from my fans at home, so i'd read them whenever i had a hard day. This motivates me a lot!
  • Seunghee: If I feel tired on stage, I get energized when I think about the next set and what we want to show everyone next!
  • Yeeun: I get some time alone with my thoughts. It'll also help all 7 of us if we have a talk as we all live together.


    Not only can they dance and sing, they are HILARIOUS and CHARISMATIC too! No wonder they've won the hearts of people all over the world <3

    Let's take a poll - tell us who your CLC bias is and share with us your responses to their questions on our twitter @mtvasia!

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