SM Entertainment has unveiled their very own K-pop museum

3 May 2018

SM Entertainment is a major driving force in K-pop today, and they've set that in stone with SMTOWN MUSEUM.

Their very own K-pop museum is set to open to the public on May 4th, presenting a stunning variety of attractions — compiling archives of albums by SM artists, costumes, props, merch shops, along with opportunities that will allow visitors to get a peek into the production process of SM's sprawling and talented team.

With advanced tech comes advanced opportunities, and you'll get to "meet" your favourite artists through Augmented Reality technology (where you can even take a selfie with them).

So far, we've learned that:

  1. The museum will have various exhibition sections such as 'SM ARCHIVE' that is filled with SM artists' albums, photobook, music, and videos
  2. There's a gallery devoted entirely to SM artists' costumes and props, so you might just spend several hours there alone
  3. The museum will also include the 'SMTOWN LIVE Beyond Story', which showcases SM's global concert brand SMTOWN LIVE's extravagant stage and the artists behind-the-stage photos
  4. For NCT fans, 'DREAMS COME TRUE with NCT' will reveal the process of how SM artists, including NCT, are produced and directed
  5. Visitors can attend live sessions under SM's MCN program !t Live, which will feature several SM artists

The museum is located on the third floor of SM's multi-culture complex, SMTOWN COEX Artium — right in the heart of Gangnam-gu, Samseong-ro, Seoul — and tickets have already been flying over online sales. Get yours here.


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