Madonna Pitches Her Next Dream Film

3 February 2012
Madonna has examined love a lot over the course of her career. She's written numerous songs on the subject. So, it comes as no surprise that when it comes to her work as a film director, the pop superstar enjoys breaking down complex, historical romances.

Her new film, "W.E.," which opens Friday, is all about one very famous, scandalous romance. It focuses on the tabloid romance between American divorcée Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII in the 1930s. In a parallel story, the film also follows Wally (played by Abbie Cornish), a modern-day woman who becomes obsessed with their headline-making fling.

Right now, Madge's plate is a bit full (with her new album, MDNA, dropping in March), but there's another great romance she wouldn't mind adapting for the big screen one day.

"There's a lot of stories that I'm interested in," she told MTV News. "I'm obviously always going to be drawn to stories about strong females 'cause we need, I need them, for inspiration. Well there's a story, but you won't even know about this person, Jane Digby."

She went on to give a lengthy history lesson on Jane Digby. And, it seems that her story veers into some similar territory as "W.E."

"She was in the English aristocrat in the [19]th century and she was excommunicated or outcast from society because she had an affair and she had a child," she said. Madge then went on to explain that after Digby's husband took her child from her, she began breeding horses in Greece. On her frequent trips across the Sahara to sell her horses, she had to dress like a man and be accompanied by Bedouin.

"One of her Bedouin guides became one of her closest friends and confidants," Madge continued. "And she ended up falling in love with him and he fell in love with her. But he did have several other wives and he wanted to marry her."

So Digby said she would marry him on two conditions: He leave his other wives and the couple live half of the year in the desert as Bedouin and the other half in the city.

So, does her story have a happy ending?

"He did agree to that and they lived together for the rest of their lives until she died. It's an incredible love story. Lady Jane Digby," she said, before joking, "It's a comedy."

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