Sekai No Owari Answers Fan Questions & Who's The Best Cook

14 June 2017
If you don't already know, Sekai No Owari is our Asia Spotlight Artist of the month!

Despite their name being 'End Of The World', their music gives a totally opposite energy to it! Their combined passion and unique concept have won the hearts of people all around the world and they've even worked with multiple international artists such as OWL CITY and NICKY ROMERO! Yes you heard it, they are HUGE!

    SEKAI NO OWARI is currently one of Japan's most popular and skilled creative groups.

    The group is comprised of four distinctly talented members: Nakajin (group leader, lead guitar, sound production); Fukase (lead vocals, group conceptualist); Saori (stage production, piano); and the masked clown DJ LOVE (sonic palette, comedic stage banter).

    Their inimitable talent and ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners has put them at the top of Japan's current generation of artists. With their recent collaborations and multi-media projects the group is quickly spreading their brand around the globe.

We holla-ed to ask you to give us your questions for Sekai No Owari on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! So... did SNO answer your questions? Check it out below!


1. Dear Sekai No Owari, if tomorrow were to be end of the world, and each of you could only save one member, who would you choose to rescue? P.s., Indonesia fans are waiting for you to come.
Agga Pradipta via Facebook

Fukase: There is no way I could choose one, we would accept the end of the world together if anything! But we would continue to fight together for the world to NOT end!

2. With your amazing music, is there a message that you all are conveying/want to tell to your fans and to the rest of the world?
Keannah Pauline Padilla via Facebook

Fukase: We have no intention of conveying message through our music. We are merely expressing our sense of value and that's all.

3. Who cooks the best?
Syafinaz Syafi via Facebook

Nakajin: DJ LOVE is a great cook!! Fukase started cooking recently too.

4. If something else instead of raindrop started falling off from the sky, what would it be?
Yuffie Yu via Facebook

Saori: Whiskey for sure! Because I love Whiskey!

5. Has anyone of you ever thought of becoming a teacher?
Roxana Nara via Facebook

Nakajin: I can see myself and Saori being a teacher if we weren't in the band. She'd be a piano teacher and me as a tutor or something...


Teach me, Nakajin Senpai! | Asia Spotlight

6. What or where do you see the band in ten years?
Tomomi Puttick via Facebook

Fukase: 4 of us standing together, still as tight, with 10 years of great memories.

7. Ever thought of creating the band/yourselves into anime characters?
Aung Supo via Facebook

Saori: If anyone's interested in depicting/creating our story into an animation, we are interested! We are a group with such different individuals and different characteristics, so it wouldn’t be too hard!

8. You guys have really inspired me and the band to continue making music that we love! Do you have any other advice for your fans? Also, do you have any plans to perform in England?
Katy Kawai Gallichan via Facebook

DJ LOVE: Continue to listen to the music you love, and be inspired! I’m sure that will help become your strength to keep going! We would love to go to England to perform one day, but we've not have it all planned out yet.

9. If you are given a chance to meet your future self, what would you want to say to your future self?
@ilesha_tee via Instagram

Saori: Tough question. If I could go back in time and send a message to my past-self, I would say, “ There's nothing to worry about, just trust yourself and your friends.” And I would probably say to my future self; “Trust yourself, your friends and keep going OK?"

10. I watch your music videos plenty of times and they are so unusual. What inspires you to make that kind of mvs?
@rlzmry via Instagram

Fukase: Maybe the taste of fantasy, which is an important element of our concept, as it associates with uniqueness. There is no specific source but I am getting inspiration from just everything I see and feel from my daily life.

11. If you have to choose, would you like to become power rangers or TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), and why?
@pecandufoto via Instagram

DJ LOVE: I love Marvel! So I want to be a Marvel Hero!

We would DIE for DJ LOVE to cook for us! Sekai No Owari has such tight bonds with each other (major #friendshipgoals), it's no wonder they are able to produce such great chart-topping songs one after another with their shared passion and love for music! Can't get enough of them? Check out our Asia Spotlight page to know more about them!


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