Man Arrested For Squatting In Diddy's Mansion... Again

16 April 2012
Diddy's intruder strikes again. Quamine Taylor, an apparent fan of the rap mogul, was arrested on April 1 when he was found squatting in Diddy's mansion in East Hampton, New York.

E! News reveals that 30-year-old Taylor was trying on Diddy's clothing, eating his food and drinking his liquor during his stay at the mansion.

According to a report from the East Hampton Town Police Department, Taylor took a train from New York City, then a cab to Diddy's estate on March 31. Taylor then entered the mansion through an unlocked basement door but tripped an alarm. When a police officer and an alarm company representative arrived to deal with the triggered alarm, Taylor successfully convinced them that he had permission from Diddy to stay at the mansion.

Taylor wasn't removed from the grounds for another 24 hours, when a caretaker for the estate discovered him and finally called the police.

The last time Taylor was caught creeping on Diddy's Hamptons estate was back in June 2001. Taylor was found lounging near the pool at the mansion and somehow managed to convince security that he was Diddy's cousin.

Taylor is currently being held at the Suffolk County Jail for trespassing and petit larceny on $2,000 bail.

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