Fariz Jabba encapsulates the culture on 'Ape Sia' | Yo! MTV Raps

17 August 2018

If you're taking hip-hop in Singapore to scrutizing levels of exploration, Fariz Jabba is a name you wouldn't be able to escape from.

And that's not without trying — the man has simply elevated himself through association (teaming up with former Asia Spotlight artist Yung Raja to provide glimpses of pure hip-hop ecstasy) and skill (just watch him end off the Yo! MTV Raps cypher flawlessly below).

And with his new music video 'Ape Sia', Fariz is honest, driven and irresistably charismatic. He turns up the grit — but not without inciting guffaws.

With beats supplied by Singapore-based producer Shorya, 'Ape Sia' is an examination of Jabba's motives and struggles, keeping an eye out on the horizon while never losing sight of his humble roots.

"Makan maggi mee sampai tiga packet (Eat maggi mee up to three packets) but one day i'll make sure that my pocket's fat / scrolling through the 'gram, say goodbye to my data" he spits. If there's anyone who has the ability to encapsulate the woes of millennial culture — no matter big or small — it could very well be Jabba.

Watch the music video above and get a refresher of Asia's burgeoning hip-hop talents, including Jabba, with the Yo! MTV Raps cypher below.

Yo! MTV Raps Cypher featuring G2, Twopee, Zamaera, Airliftz, Fariz Jabba and Joe Flizzow!


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