Peking Duk may just be the best people to tour with

10 January 2019

One look at the performances on their recent Asia tour, and you can tell Peking Duk have been having a blast. The Australian dance music duo have hit their stride touring overseas, connecting with audiences through their patented joyful brand of house music.

They also adore Asia — having toured here twice within 12 months, the first time in November 2017, and the other the same month in 2018.

Their most recent tour in the region was a landmark of sorts of them as well. Aside from debuting their new live show in Singapore, at the three-day Neon Lights Festival, they were also able to play to their biggest audience yet at Clockenflap in Hong Kong.

Click the photo to watch their Asia tour video.

All of this would've added immense pressure and stress to most musicians, but Peking Duk played it cool and made the most out of their trip; partying with locals, savouring delicacies and booking karaoke spots whenever they could.

2019 will be an even bigger year for the duo, with a new single coming out on January 18th featuring singer-songwriter Jack River.

Before they begin harnessing the energy they need to strike into the new year, we spoke to them about their 2018 Asia tour, and what their essential karaoke song might be.

What did your recent Asia tour mean to you?

Adam: We love Asia! It's always a fun time meeting new people and seeing new places, but this run was even more amazing as we were able to bring the live show to our fans out there.

It's been a year since you debuted your current live show at Splendour in the Grass. Did this Asia tour help you learn new things as a band about performing live onstage?

Reuben: Performing in different places around Asia really helped us learn what to expect from different audiences throughout Asia. The crowds respond to some songs much better than we ever would've thought!

We already know it's important to have fun whilst playing, but in Asia, the vibe we put on stage is reciprocated back to us by the crowd tenfold. Everything we give is given back to us bigger and greater.

What was a highlight of performing at Neon Lights?

A: Even though the weather was shocking, everybody still stayed out for our set and went crazy! They responded to our music with such positive energy it was awesome. A great party for sure!

What are your favourite songs to sing at karaoke?

R: Earlier this year in Tokyo with my partner, I realised karaoke should be a daily routine for everyone. I ended up doing Savage Garden's 'Truly Madly Deeply' at least once each night.

Hai Di Lao, karaoke, spontaneous singing at restaurants — you've covered it all on this tour. But what's on your agenda for your next potential Asia tour?

A:*laughs* Singing in restaurants is a must. For our next tour we'll be bringing the live show bigger, better, louder and sweatier to many more cities so we can party with more of our Asian friends! 

Click here to watch Peking Duk's Asia tour video!


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