MTV Asks: SUM 41's Deryck Whibley shares his fav moment with the band & more fan questions!

7 September 2017
We are still having major withdrawals from SUM 41's performance last month and our horns are still up... "I don't want this moment to ever end~"

Ok anyhoo, we are back with your answers for SUM 41 where we've requested you rockers to drop us your questions for the band on MTV Asks: SUM 41! Mad love to Deryck Whibley for taking the time to answer all the fan questions! Go send some love his way pls~

Let's get to it!

1. Is there a venue/festival that you guys would love to perform at? And if so where/what is it?
– by @shania_bennington77

Yeah, Rock in Rio would be cool one day.

2. Who's your favorite superhero? Marvel or DC?
– by @alifahamalia24

Hmm not really my thing. But I always loved Batman. Not sure if he's either DC or Marvel though.

3. What was the Sum 41 album that took the longest to produce/record?
– by @tom_pilks

Recording is different for every record. Screaming Bloody Murder might have taken the longest since it was recorded wasn't all at the same time. It was recorded over a year. But then again so was All Killer.

4. Are there any songs that make you cry?
– by @sum41switzerland

I don't think I've ever cried at a song really. I would say I always feel something whenever I hear "Fake Plastic Trees" by Radiohead.

5. Can we expect new music anytime soon?
– by@j_larkin87

Yeah maybe. I'm always working on new stuff so I would expect that new music won't be that far away.

6. Just curious; what kinda stuff would a rock band like you guys request in your dressing room rider? Any unique thing that you always request?
– by @Adamstarrgram

To be honest the weirdest thing that I have on my rider, is nothing. And I mean nothing. I don't want anything at all. If I want something I usually buy it myself and bring it to the venue. The other guys have all the chips and fruits and all that stuff.

7. What is Sum 41's favourite – Metal or punk?
– by @ritikesh_aka_rsp

I think we all just love music. I don't really favour one style over another.

8. Your favorite horror movie?
– by @cone_41lover

I hate horror movies. I always have. But I do think Halloween is pretty good because it's actually more of a movie rather than just gore and bullshit. And The Shining is amazing. Not sure if that's a horror or just really great movie.

9.Besides music, what are the guys' favourite hobbies?
– by @renfreakk

Hmm. I don't really have any hobbies. I guess I like to fly remote control planes sometimes.

10. What's your favourite food and are you willing to try anything weird in the countries that you'll be visiting?
– by @lillyshalini

I love all food. I'm what they call a foodie. And I usually will try anything once. And I usually like everything.

11. What do you do when you get writer's block?
– by @annajfernandez

Writers block can be really annoying. I find the best thing is to walk away and do something totally different for a day or two and see if it refreshes you. Sometimes nothing seems to work. I have songs that I have been trying to finish for 7 years.

12. What is your favorite moment so far with the band?
– by @sum41india

My favorite moments in the band are always on stage performing.

13. If you guys had the chance to collaborate with another band of your choice, which one would you choose?
– by @Skumfxk

Elvis Costello.

14. How do you choose which songs to include in the set list? What's your favorite song to play and why?
– by @Iamiamiamazero

We usually try to play songs that we hope people will know.

15. Who gives the best hugs? x
– by @Blueblackrae

Probably Dave Browndsound.

If there's one thing we learnt from MTV Asks: SUM 41, is that they are such such such cool people, and we would love to hang with them! *Impatiently waiting for their next performance here in Singapore* Meanwhile, let's throw it back to the 2000s with this classic from SUM 41, "In Too Deep"!



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