MTV Ask: Nathan Sykes Shares With Us his Favourite Meme & More!

18 June 2017
[UPDATE: SUNDAY, 18 JUNE 2017 at 5:40pm]

Watch this FACEBOOK LIVE video of Nathan Sykes answering more fan questions at A Rooftop Affair on Saturday, 17 June!

Nathan Sykes is returning to Asia for a Rooftop Affair with us TOMORROW on June 17 and we are pretty SYKED about it. Deets below!

A Rooftop Affair 2017 with Nathan Sykes
2017-06-17, Saturday at 6:30pm
myVillage Rooftop, Level 3, Singapore

    Well known for being part of multi-platinum-selling band The Wanted, getting better known for his incredible vocal talent and hit music as a solo artist, Nathan Sykes has already topped the US Billboard Dance Club Chart twice, with his debut single 'Kiss Me Quick' and 'Over And Over Again'!

    His single 'Over And Over Again' shot straight into the UK iTunes Top 5 after just one phenomenal X Factor performance. Nathan's debut album 'Unfinished Business' is out now!

While we wait patiently for his arrival, (because Good Things Come To Those Who Wait), here are Nathan Sykes's answers to your questions from our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram! Prepare to fall in love all over again...

Psst, he's gonna answer more of your questions LIVE tomorrow. Deets below!

1. What's the song you can't stop listening to over and over again?
@shania_espinosa77 via Instagram

One of my favourites is Jamie Cullum's version of Pure Imagination

2. Do you think you'd be more likely to survive in the Game of Thrones universe or the Walking Dead universe? Tough question.
@diva_tt via Instagram

Absolutely GOT because i'd play my way to the top!

3. If you had to pick a favourite meme, which one would it be?
@blingontheblock via Instagram

The "That's none of my business" meme, an oldie but a goodie


4. If you suddenly found yourself turned into a woman, how would you spend your day?
@slothspotting via Instagram

I'd carry on as normal because your gender doesn't and shouldn't affect how you live your life

5. If you can only choose 1 food to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
@inntertypewriter via Instagram

I think it would have to be Italian food!

6. If I were a genie in a lamp and I could grant you 3 wishes what would you wish for?
Katie Tulip via Facebook

I'd wish for the ability to not suffer from jet lag, to be able to read minds and to time travel!

7. Would you rather have a cup of tea that always stayed warm but you could never drink or a cold cup of tea that you could drink?
Nisha Byrne via Facebook

Easy! I drink cold tea all the time!

8. If you could choose another profession as well as singing what would you choose and why?
Gemma Louise Dale via Facebook

I'd be a music teacher because I love inspiring young musicians to follow their dreams

9. When you come to Singapore, what is the first thing that you want to do after a flight to Singapore?
Shermaine Chin via Facebook

Have a shower, get a coffee and do some site-seeing (in that order!)

Had the most amazing time in Seoul! Next stop ... Singapore!! (Living in @davidnaman!!)

A post shared by Nathan Sykes (@nathansykes) on

Can't wait to catch you live, Nathan!

10. If you could choose a dessert to represent you, what dessert would it be and why?
Siti Nur Atiqah via Facebook

A Chocolate Fondant, because it's hard on the outside and soft on the inside!!

11. What is your favorite song to perform? Like the one you could perform forever without ever getting tired of?
@pinnocksfaith via Twitter

Famous on the piano because it's really nice to strip it right back and hear people singing along

12. If you could learn or master one skill that you don't already have, what would it be?
@amybowdrey via Twitter

I'd like to be bilingual

13. If you could only live for a day and you can do anything you want, what would you do?
@dorothylim29 via Twitter

I'd find a way of extending my life because life is too special to cut down to just a day

14. Please talk about your new album process and when you think will be out?
@pinnocksfaith via Twitter

It's been a journey! It's a progression of Unfinished Business and you'll be able to hear new music over the summer!!


Nice pun right there, Mr Sykes. We can't wait for the release of your next album that's dropping real soon (it's almost summer, peeps!) YAAAAAS!

Nathan Sykes is going to answer MORE of your questions on FACEBOOK LIVE TOMORROW (17 June) right after his Rooftop Affair at myVillage, Singapore, fans! So be sure to check out our Facebook for updates! Here are the deets to his Rooftop Affair below!

A Rooftop Affair 2017 with Nathan Sykes
2017-06-17, Saturday at 6:30pm
myVillage Rooftop, Level 3, Singapore

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