MTV Asks: Foster The People talk pre-gig rituals, pranks and durian

19 January 2018

Foster The People will be heading down to Singapore on 30 Jan and we've finally got the answers to all your burning questions for the boys!

The indie-pop band – consisting of Mark Foster (Vocals), Sean Cimino (Guitar), Isom Innis (Keyboard) and Mark Pontius (Drums) – debuted in 2011 with a hugely successful album, Torches – which has sold almost two million albums and over ten million singles worldwide. And of course, the number one single, "Pumped Up Kicks" was THAT song of the year that was stuck in all our heads for the longest time! You're singing it now aren't you?


More deets of their Singapore gig below:

Event Information
Venue: ZEPP @ BIGBOX, Singapore
Date: 30 January 2018, Monday
Time: 8pm (SGT)
Tickets on sale – click here!

You asked, and we heard it. The band took some time off their busy busy schedule to answer a few fan questions for you guys! Read on as they share about their favourite game, how was the band created, and if they are willing to try the king of fruits in Singapore, Durian!


Favorite song to play live? - Patricia Fernandez‏ @patticexD from Twitter

Loyal Like Syd and Nancy

What's the craziest prank that you guys have ever pulled on anyone? - Carine @Sleigh5H from Twitter

In London, the guys rearranged my room slowly over time and convinced me my room was haunted.

Why is the band's name called Foster The People? - Mo HaFiz Shamadi from Facebook

I think the name originally was Foster and the People but people got it wrong and kept saying Foster the People and it stuck.

What is something you guys always do individually before a show? - Alexandra Stewart from Facebook

We always listen to music together and hang out before each show.

How was the band created? - Syarifah Nur Amirah from Facebook

Mark Foster and Mark Pontius started the band together in Los Angeles. We all met there through the music scene.

What's your favourite game? - @Ame___xx from Instagram

Words with Friends, or Mafia

What sound is going to influence your next album - @Fuckitsdan from Instagram

We've been listening to a ton of post punk: Joy Division, Ministry, Gang of Four. Also have been digging deep into The Beach Boys catalogue.

Would you like to try some durians in Singapore? - @Shaniabennington from Instagram

Not sure what they are but... why not?!

What do you do on the road to kill time? / What do you hope to achieve with your music in the long-term? / When was the last time you guys got star-struck and what happened? - Annajfernandez:

We listen to a ton of music. The long term is to hopefully make music that stands the test of time. I saw Larry David at a party in LA. That's about the most star struck I've ever been!

Wanna catch them live? We are giving you and a friend a chance to win tix to "FOSTER THE PEOPLE LIVE IN SINGAPORE"! Click here to find out how!

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