LOL: Fans share the Kpop songs that make them irrationally mad

13 October 2017
We all have songs that make us irrationally mad. Like you just simply hate a song or have a really dumb reason for hating on the song. Or maybe the song just reminds you of something totally unrelated, but you hate it anyway.

Fans took to a thread on Reddit to share the Kpop songs that make them irrationally mad for some reason or other. Here are some of the more hilarious comments.

"I'm convinced Pick Me is the worst song ever written or performed. The P101 version sounds like it's sung by slave labor"
– BansheeJam

"Light Saber by Exo makes me irrationally angry because I was stuck on that goddamn song for so long on SMTOWN Superstar. Like practically 6 months. Such a shame because it's a good song. Feel the same way about Catch Me If You Can by Girls Generation for the same reason TL;DR: SMTOWN Superstar makes me irrationally angry"
– fereverafan

"Woof woof - SHINee ticks off the band nerd in me real good (first chair alto sax) whenever Key says "this is real brass, by the way." IT'S NOT, KIBUM. IT'S REALLY NOT :("
– wonwont

"Chewing Gum by NCT Dream makes me want to vomit. I don't know if it's the song that annoys me more or the video. I find myself wanting to like it but every time it starts I'm weirded out and skip it."
– TrashAvalon

"What Can I Do by Seungri. The "clapping" in the instrumental is so loud and annoying that it ruins the whole song for me. It pisses me off because I actually liked that song before I noticed the clapping."
– Nokel

"Anytime any f(x) song comes on, I get angry because I'm reminded of their almost 2 year streak of no comeback. >:(" - k_awah

""We Like" went viral on Facebook in Hong Kong because the "du du du du du~" chorus sounds a lot like a string of swear words in Cantonese (basically Pristin singing "f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck ")Now I can't think about anything else when I hear the song lmao."
- unicornbottle

"Am I the only one that cringes when that Michael Jackson tribute comes up in Dumb Dumb? It throws the rest of the song off for was just so random x.x"
- Zeppye

"I irrationally hate most JYP songs because he always has to go "JAY WHY PEEE" in the beginning. Like before it was kind of cool to know how many songs he's helped work in, but now it's just become annoying."
– Toriyosh

FINALLY someone addressed the annoying thing about the opening in every single JYP song because that has put me off so many songs, it's not even funny anymore.

- Michelle Ng

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