Ultimate hallyu week: MTV Asia airs entire BOF 2017, from the Red Carpet to the Closing Ceremony!

15 December 2017
Six events over five days starting from Monday, 18 December with the red carpet, KPOP legend stage, Park concert, hip hop legend stage, closing and opening ceremony (encore, baby)! Check out the full list of lineup + timings here!

Missed our livestream of the Busan One Festival Opening Ceremony a couple months ago? All hope is not lost because we are bringing you the best holiday present all you Kpop fans could ever wish for: one whole week of concerts featuring some of Kpop's biggest artists who have performed at this year's Busan One Asia Festival, including the Opening Ceremony (ICYMI, here you go)!

Yes, it's the Busan One Asia Festival Week!

From newbies like SF9 to veterans like GOT7 and Kim Tae Woo, the long string of performances will make you feel like the year-end holidays have come early. Here's who we're super pumped to catch and when you can catch them this week.!


These seven boys are as ridiculous off stage as they are dashing on stage, which makes them so irresistible. Having just dropped their latest album '7 For 7', there's going to be loads of new songs to look forward to!

When: 18-Dec Red Carpet + Opening Ceremony


They've even conquered the hearts of Hollywood, so there's no doubt that these girls own the stage like no one else. It's also kinda hard to believe that they only debuted last year!  

When: 18-Dec Red Carpet + Opening Ceremony


As mysterious as he is famous, SHINee's maknae will be taking the stage by himself! The dance king will probably show off more of his sensual dance moves that he's been known for since his debut with SHINee. He's no longer that small kid, and we love his more mature yet wild side. Drive us crazy, why won't you!

Watch the full interview as he opens up about his new repackaged album, "MOVE-ing" here! 

When: 19-Dec Closing Ceremony


Have you ever wondered what a dance boyband will do on stage? So have we. Here's SF9, with fancy moves and decent songs to match. Expect a strong performance on stage, because they're totes capable of explosive choreography since the entire squad's lit. Definitely one to catch.  

When: 19-Dec Closing Ceremony


This powerhouse singer has us hooked from the very first note – and she's even more powerful in real life. Even though it's been a while since we've heard any new stuff from her, we won't tire of her old songs because they are simply beautiful.

When: 20-Dec Park Concert

Jung Yong Hwa

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Yong Hwa is like the Adam Levine of CN Blue, but even better. Not only can he sing, but he can also act! He might not be the strongest dancer, but listening to him trying to speak English makes up for it. We'll take him, whether he's on stage as a soloist or as part of CN Blue.

When: 20-Dec Park Concert

Jake Parc (Parc Jae Jung)

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With honey vocals like that, Parc Jae jung will just slip into your heart and never leave. First achieving fame after winning Superstar K5, he's now collaborating with other bigshots like Henry Lau and Yoon Jongshin. Not bad for a homebody who hates to go out of his house. Yupp, Jake Parc loves his house so much he's part of MBC's latest variety show 'It's Dangerous Beyond The Blankets', where idol introverts try living together for one of the most awkward and relatable shows.

When: 21-Dec Kpop Legend Stage


It's been a while since there was a co-ed Kpop group, and KARD reminds us of those times when Kpop groups were filled with both girls and guys. KARD has found more fame outside Korea, and they're still climbing the popularity ranks and paving the way for the return of more co-ed Kpop groups. Oh, and they'll be coming to Singapore, Taipei, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Manila soon, so this performance is just a lead-up to watching them live!  

When: 21-Dec Kpop Legend Stage


He might look like a kid, but he's really lit on stage as a rapper! DinDin managed to get partnered up with Myungsoo on Infinite Challenge for last year's Hip Hop Festival, which got everyone interested in his freestyle raps. Here's a chance to watch him in action – just don't confuse him with RnB artist Dean. It happens more often than you think.

When: 22-Dec Hip Hop Legend Stage  


Part of the $exy $treet & Yello Music crew, BewhY really shot to fame after wining Show Me The Money 5, sparking increased interest in hip hop. Instead of joining hip hop labels like AOMG, BewhY has launched his own label – which means that we'll get to hear more of his songs with sick beats and thoughtful lyrics. You gotta watch it to understand what we're getting at, and it doesn't matter even if you don't understand Korean!  

When: 22-Dec Hip Hop Legend Stage

Don't miss this chance to watch these groups and more all in one sitting, thanks to MTV. Better get these dates into your calendar so you don't forget.

BOF 2017: Red Carpet
Monday, 18 December: 6pm (SG/PH) 7pm (MAL) 5pm (WIB)  

BOF 2017: Opening Ceremony
Monday, 18 December: 7:30pm (SG/PH) 8:30pm (MAL) 6:30pm (WIB)

BOF 2017: Closing Ceremony
Tuesday, 19 December: 6pm (SG/PH) 7pm (MAL) 5pm (WIB)

BOF 2017: Park Concert
Wednesday, 20 December: 6pm (SG/PH) 7pm (MAL) 5pm (WIB)

BOF 2017: KPOP Legend Stage
Thursday, 21 December: 6pm (SG/PH) 7pm (MAL) 5pm (WIB)

BOF 2017: Hip Hop Legend Stage
Friday, 22 December: 6pm (SG/PH) 7pm (MAL) 5pm (WIB)


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